Upcoming stories – progress, previews and photos

coming soon…..group of smiling women photographing on beachThree's Company photo FINALThree’s Company

Sometimes three’s better than two…..

Imagine six beautiful people, isolated in the wilderness of Arctic Canada. Ryan can’t find his dream girl. Bobbi and Tammi are both wishing for their dream guy. Amy is looking for love. Joe and Helen are looking for a thrill.

Fate is kind to all of them, and they all have a night to remember!

‘Three’s Company’ is a hot tale of erotic discovery that proves that sometimes you get what you need!

Warning – explicit scenes of love between three beautiful people mean that this story is strictly adults only!

I am really proud of this one, but I can’t tell you why without spoiling the story! Let’s just say there’s a lovely little twist in there, as well as some REALLY hot action! If you’d like a heads up when it’s released on 15th May 2017, why not click on the link at the bottom of this page? it will take you to bookstoread.com, and if you leave your name and email address they’ll drop you a line when it comes out! Alternatively, just pre order it via any of the sites I sell on via – https://roryhitch.com/my-online-book-store/


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