Free excerpt – Male Stripper – An Erotic Adventure


Hi! I’m very excited about my new full length novel, and I’ve created this web page so you can check it out! Below is a little blurb to let you know what it’s all about –

Rob is desperate for work, so he grabs the first job he can and suddenly he’s a male stripper! He soon finds that he enjoys getting naked for a living, and the hot encounters with horny groupies are a fantastic bonus!
Rachel is his best friend. They’ve never been lovers, but she is happy to watch his shows and meet his new workmates. It helps that they’re handsome, hot and horny for her…
Join them as they enjoy a series of breath-taking sensual experiences, each one more outrageous than the last. They explore a world of wild sexual pleasures but their new life means that their friendship has to change too. Will the uninhibited lust they share drive them apart, or bring them together?
Explicit sex scenes featuring hot couples and wild group encounters that will blow your mind make this full length novel strictly for adults only!

If you’re ready to grab a copy, just click on one of the links below to visit your favourite online store. It’s available to purchase NOW! If you need a little persuasion, below the links is a FREE excerpt – I hope you enjoy it…

Rachel couldn’t remember ever being this nervous, or this turned on. As she checked her reflection in the mirror behind the marble sink she took a deep breath, hoping to calm herself a little before she left the bathroom. He’s just a man, she told herself, but she had watched him strip naked on stage, admired his muscular body, seen his impressive manhood rising proudly, fantasized about being with him, dreamed about sleeping with him and imagined the feel of that cock inside her.
She had dreamt about the other strippers that she had seen performing on the same stage too, all three of them just as well built, just as handsome and just as well hung as Sal. The knowledge that they were all relaxing in the hotel suite’s other rooms just a short distance away added something to her excitement. She had got to know them all a little in the last few days, learned that none of them were the kind of man who would spurn the advances of a fan eager to touch what they had watched on the stage, and she couldn’t shake the thought that if she asked them they would all be keen to make love to her.
Four men, she thought, the idea scaring her but arousing her too, the memory of their toned bodies, their stiff cocks ….. she knew that this night would never come around again and that turning her back on the opportunity to live out her wildest fantasy would be something that she would regret forever.
When she had met Sal at her local gym she had immediately been attracted to him, and seeing him on stage had been enough to turn him into a perfect dream lover. Now he was naked in the next room, lying in an enormous bed, waiting for her, and there were three more handsome men who’d be more than happy to fuck her too, just down the corridor. How on earth had she got to this moment, she wondered as she resisted the temptation to make any more adjustments to her long brown hair, which tumbled onto her shoulders in loose curls.
She told herself to calm down as she rested her manicured fingers on the edge of the sink, scanning her reflection again. Her hazel eyes stared back for a moment before they glanced over her body. She knew that she looked hot, her form flattered by the lace edged teddy that she wore, the skimpy garment cut so cleverly that it accentuated her curves in all the right places. When she leaned forward to check the glossy lipstick on her full mouth the dark shadow between her ample breasts seemed to grow for a moment, her soft flesh straining against her flimsy clothing. The cool and conditioned air of the palatial bathroom had combined with her rising desire to ensure that her dark nipples had stiffened, poking rudely, and Rachel realized that she looked just as horny as she felt. He’ll be fucking me in a few minutes, she thought, and her body reacted enthusiastically, a heat that seemed to have an origin deep inside her spreading slowly and bringing a glow to her skin. She wondered for an instant whether her desire had betrayed itself by dampening the thin fabric between her legs, but the briefest touch told her that it was dry there for now, though she knew that her body was beginning to anticipate the pleasure that lay await for it in the room next door.
With one final glance around the biggest and most luxurious bathroom that she had ever seen, she took a deep breath and headed for the door. He’s just a man, she told herself again as she turned the door handle, trying to make herself relax a little so that she could enjoy what would surely be the experience of a lifetime. She decided to focus on Sal first, the thought of having four men sharing her still a little overwhelming, though the fantasy was so exciting, so inspiring. Adopting what she hoped looked like a confident smile, she opened the door and stepped into the bedroom, her naked feet sinking into the deep carpet. The room was decorated in a variety of tasteful shades of cream, the subdued lighting adding richness to the scene.
He was sat up in the bed waiting for her, several big white pillows behind him, a thin sheet covering him from the waist down. This was literally a dream come true for Rachel. The idle fantasy of sleeping with a handsome, sexy male stripper was one she shared with millions of women throughout the world, but how many of them got the chance to live it out? He returned her smile, perfect teeth white beneath those oh so kissable lips, set on a face that was endlessly handsome, almost hypnotic in its ability to entrance. She had seen him naked before of course, but close up his body was even more impressive. Tanned, toned, taut and defined, he had the physique that only someone with enormous focus and the time to work on it could aspire to. As Rachel’s eyes briefly glanced lower she imagined that she could see the telltale bulge of an erection in the folds of fabric over his hips, though she found it easy to look away to meet his compelling dark eyes again. Was he hard already? Was he just as excited as her? The thought that his lust might match hers was another turn on, and when he spoke he confirmed what she was thinking, somehow raising the tension in the room even further.
‘My God Rachel, you look so hot! When we first met at the gym I thought you were cute, but the more I saw the more …. you are truly gorgeous!’ Confidence flooded through Rachel as she heard his confession, the knowledge that she was indeed desired helping her to relax a little. She slowly paced towards the bed, watching him as his eyes danced over her body, suddenly finding herself enjoying being the centre of his attention. When she reached the foot of the bed she paused and looked down at him, her hair falling forward a little.
‘So you’re glad I wanted to come back here with you?’ she asked as she slowly moved a handful of curls away from her face, tucking them behind an ear before letting her hand rest at the top of her neck for a moment.
‘Undoubtedly, we all were. The guys all like you and we were all hoping you’d come back with us.’
‘Were you fighting over me?’ she teased as she watched him, not moving closer for the moment.
‘No honey,’ he smiled, his usual confidence returning, ‘we were hoping to share you.’ Rachel’s heart lurched in her chest, her wildest fantasy suddenly very real, and he saw the shock in her face. ‘If that’s what you’d like Rachel, that is what we’d like to do for you. Remember, this is just sex, not love. We want to give you pleasure, to give you sex that you’ve never had before, help you live out a fantasy. Whatever you want….’
‘Okay, yes I do want you all,’ replied Rachel as she met his eye, unable to believe what she was saying, ‘but I think we should have a few minutes alone together first.’ Sal watched as Rachel’s hand slowly moved lower to cup a full breast, thumb stroking the erect nipple and exciting them both.
‘Oh fuck…,’ he sighed, and Rachel was sure that she saw movement under the sheet, his manhood stiffening and shifting in response to her teasing. She smiled again, acknowledging his arousal as she brought her free hand up to cup her other breast, fingers curling slowly over them, fingertips slipping under the lacy cloth.
‘So, you’re a boob man?’ she smiled, tugging at the fabric to reveal just a tiny bit more of her cleavage, knowing now that she had him under her spell.
‘I love your body, every single part of it.’ He had recovered his composure now and they were both enjoying the anticipation, both knowing that their fantasies would become reality and wanting to savour every moment.
The wall to her right was made entirely of glass, the darkness of the night outside obscuring everything but the countless twinkling lights of the city, and the feeling that other eyes outside might be on her was hard to shake. The exhibitionist streak in her found the darkness exciting, the idea that anyone could watch while she fucked this handsome man empowering her and boosting her ego.
‘A lot of men seem to like my boobs,’ she continued, pulling the fabric of the teddy away to uncover a breast, hand slipping over the creamy skin, fingers brushing over a now very stiff nipple. Without thinking, she moved forward to kneel on the bed, surrendering to an instinctive urge to be closer to the man of her dreams. His erection was plainly visible beneath the sheet now, the promisingly thick outline of his turgid member moving as it grew.
When Rachel pulled the teddy off her shoulders so it fell around her waist, exposing her bosom and the soft curve of her tummy, he moved forward and sat up before moving onto his haunches, unable to resist her any longer. He took a nipple into his mouth, making Rachel sigh as he caressed the stiff teat with his tongue. She buried a hand in his thick black hair, watching as he feasted, still struggling to believe what she was seeing, feeling her arousal grow again as he moved his mouth to her other breast. When he released her she hurriedly pushed the teddy off her body, the feel of the material on her round bottom, hips and thighs as she removed it almost a tease in itself, before kneeling close to him and taking him in her arms in a long awaited embrace.
Rachel’s soft breasts pushed against his muscular frame as their lips sought each other, the first of countless kisses as hands explored smooth skin. When Rachel felt his strong hands urging him over her she didn’t resist, moving one leg over him so that she could sit in his lap while facing him. There were a few moments of awkward adjustment before she felt the head of his prick at the entrance to her sex and it was an animalistic lust that urged her on now, the need to feel him inside her something that she could not resist or delay.
She slowly sank onto him, her sigh almost a growl of lust as he filled her sensitive pussy, his shaft stretching the liquid walls. God, he’s big, she realized as her hot sex enveloped him, the head of his prick so deep inside her. She sought his eyes and they shared a look of wordless satisfaction as their bodies melded, becoming one for a few moments of bliss. Their gaze was locked as Rachel began to move on him, finding that she could lift her hips a little and enjoy the delicious friction of his rock-like erection as her hot quim slid up and down it.
The caressing strokes of her pussy walls inspired incredible pleasure for him too, the thrill of having a beautiful young woman pleasure him so wonderfully too much to bear. He rested his hands on her hips, her skin warm beneath his fingertips as she rode him, feeling the steady rise and fall as her beautiful brown eyes, dilated by desire, looked into his own. He knew then that Rachel was an incredible woman, one without equal among the countless women he had bedded, and a small part of him wished that he could keep her all to himself, if only for that night, but even as the thought registered in his mind he realized that his body had a more urgent agenda. He felt the stirrings of his orgasm deep in his groin, knowing that already there was nothing he could do to stop it.
‘Shit, I think I’m coming,’ he managed, but Rachel simply smiled, maintaining the delectable movement of her sex on him without a moment of hesitation.
‘That’s okay, honey,’ she whispered, voice thick with lust. ‘Come if you want to, come inside me if you’d like. I’ve got all night and I’m sure your friends will be able to look after me while you recover.’ She stopped her movements, settling onto him, bathing his shaft in her juices as she smiled again. ‘After they’ve fucked me for a while, I’m sure you’ll be ready for me again.’ His powerful hands stroked her shapely thighs as he felt his cock begin to throb, Rachel leaning forward to kiss him softly before she continued. ‘I’ve not even seen this lovely cock of yours yet, not close up, not properly, let alone played with it, kissed it, licked it …. actually, I’m looking forward to sucking it a little…’ He could feel her tensing muscles deep inside herself, her body squeezing his shaft a little, the intimacy of the moment overwhelming. ‘Does that feel nice?’ Rachel continued as she began to fuck him again. ‘I want to do everything with you, and it might just take all night,’ she whispered in his ear, her tongue following her words to caress there, and that was enough. She felt his hands move to her hips again as he held her on him, his cock exploding inside her as he came, thick wads of sperm bathing the most hidden parts of her sex as his dick jerked with each squirt.
She could feel him coming, and the compliment of his hasty ejaculation was another source of arousal for her, though she was certainly planning to have much more fun with her fantasy lovers before the sun rose…

When he awoke from his slumber a few moments later he felt Rachel’s body, soft and warm against him, before he opened his eyes. He was a little embarrassed to have come so quickly, but he had wanted her since their first meeting and his mind had inspired as much of his arousal as the breathtaking caress of her sex on his cock. He reflected on his countless previous conquests, but he couldn’t recall anyone that had given him anything even approaching the thrill that he had just experienced with Rachel. In fact, nowadays he found that getting a woman into his bed was just too easy and the sex was often so uninvolving that he’d have to concentrate or risk losing interest completely. Never had he met a woman like this one, a woman that excited him enough to make him come so quickly, so hard and so completely.
As if she had heard his thoughts, she began to stir alongside him, her pretty face turning to his.
‘Hello handsome,’ she smiled. ‘Recovered yet?’
‘Getting there,’ he responded with a smile of his own.
‘I should hope so. I’ve got plans for you, but perhaps it’s time to call in some reinforcements.’ This woman is so different, he thought again. Most women were so excited at being with him that they simply became passive servants, more than happy to do whatever he asked, but she was an incredible free spirit. She wanted to be with him, but only on her terms.
She jumped off the bed, opening the bedroom door and calling to the three men that were relaxing in front of a giant television, each one of them sharing a beer.
‘Logan, could I borrow you for a few minutes?’ The powerfully built black man stood, grinning good-naturedly at the cheers of the friends that he had been sitting between. ‘Don’t worry you two,’ continued Rachel, ‘I just need five minutes with Logan, then we can have some fun together.’ Adam and Dan nodded and smiled, Adam raising his beer in salute as though it was the most natural thing in the world for the four of them to fuck a woman together. Part of Rachel couldn’t believe what she was doing, but the men had become her friends in the last few weeks and it seemed that their laid-back, no strings approach to sex was something that she had happily adopted!
‘There’s an incredible bathroom in here,’ she continued as Logan stepped into the bedroom, finding herself happy for him to see her naked for the first time even though he was still fully clothed, ‘and I thought we could share a shower. I think your cock would enjoy me giving it a nice soapy wash, and there’s something I’d like you to do for me too.’

Five minutes later they were in the biggest shower cubicle that Rachel had ever used, enjoying a warm deluge that would have put a rainforest to shame. She had been as good as her word, soaping every inch of his ebony frame, leaving his still slumbering cock till last. He had truly enjoyed the feel of her hands on his body, and she had made the most of her opportunity to touch every part of him, her mind comparing him to a classical statue, so firm and perfect. She had never been intimate with a black man before, and the contrast of her pale hands on his dark flesh was a new experience that she had been dreaming of since she had first seen him, stripping on stage.
By the time she began to turn her attention to his cock it had begun to awaken a little, firming slowly as she soaped him. Even his cock is perfect, she marveled silently as she stroked him, kneeling as she warmed to her task. He was a lovely size, long without being freakishly so, fat without being out of proportion. More remarkably, his prick was perfectly straight and completely smooth, lacking any of the prominent veins she had seen on her other lovers. It’s truly perfect, she decided as she let the falling water rinse him, his shaft now fully erect. She contemplated sucking him, knowing that she would enjoy pleasuring him in that way almost as much as he would, but her own body was begging for attention and she knew that he would be happy to accede to any request that she cared to make. Quickly standing, she wrapped her arms around him for a few moments, giving him the pleasure of her soft, warm, slippery body as she enjoyed the feel of his hard cock pressing against her tummy.
‘Your turn to kneel, honey.’ He silently obliged, knowing what she wanted, and as she leaned against a tiled wall he settled at her feet. ‘That’s right handsome, put that pretty face between my legs…’ A moment later his tongue had found her sex and she gasped as it brushed over her clitoris. Very nice, she thought as he began a series of long licks, her thrill doubled when she looked down to see his full mouth on her pussy, eyes closed as he lapped away.
How did I get here, she wondered again as she felt arousal growing inside her. I’m just an average girl next door from nowhere, yet… She looked down again as she put a hand against the wall, steadying herself as her knees weakened. Beneath his questing tongue she could see his erection, now pointing skywards as its owner tasted her, his task obviously a turn on for him too. Jesus, that’s a nice cock, she thought again as she began to approach orgasm, and in that moment she knew what she wanted.
Urging him back onto his feet, Rachel held him once more, their mouths meeting in a passionate open mouthed kiss before she turned her back on him, putting both hands on the tiles. He reacted quickly, strong hands on her hips as he moved her into position and a moment later she felt his cock on her pussy lips, the anticipation almost too much for her as he probed hesitantly. Rachel groaned with frustration but even as the breath left her he slid home, shocking her with the sudden penetration for a moment, before he began to fuck her with a muscular intensity that completed her bliss and took her to the edge of ecstasy, the side of her face hot against the cool wet tiles as she leant against the wall for support, the warm water soaking them both. The cubicle was full of the sound of their bodies slapping together, accompanied by their wordless gasps as they coupled hungrily. She could think of nothing but the magnificent dark cock that was pistoning in and out of her and inspiring such incredible bliss, the pleasure seemingly having taken control of every fibre of her being. This was just another fantastic episode in a life that was changing so much and though she had always enjoyed an active sex life, nothing she had experienced before could compare to the living out of a lifelong fantasy like this, not when the reality was proving even more incredible than the dream! The thought that Adam and Dan were waiting patiently for her nearby and Sal was doubtless ready to fuck her again too was an incredible one. She didn’t feel like a slut, she felt like a queen with an army of servants to satisfy her every whim, and what she wanted tonight was to be fucked, to come, come and come again and experience true satisfaction. The feel of Logan’s cock was magnificent, but even as her orgasm overtook her and she came, groaning wordlessly as she surrendered to heaven, she began to imagine what she’d most like next. An image of herself on all fours, Adam fucking her from behind while she sucked Dan’s lovely long shaft, appeared in her mind and she knew it was another fantasy that she simply had to fulfil. Her mind was clouded by bliss, by the pleasure of the moment as well as the anticipation of what was to come, but as she wondered how she had found her way to this heavenly night a small part of her mind answered her, traveling back six months, back to a conversation with her best friend Rob, the start of a series of chance events that had led her to this moment of ecstasy…

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt – it’s just a little taste of Rob and Rachel’s hot adventure! If you’re ready for more, just click on a link below to get a copy from your favourite website!


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