Free story – Sex In The Office (chapter one)

‘I must say I’m very impressed with you.’

A young man only a few days into a new job would normally be very happy to hear his boss tell him this, and John was certainly pleased to be so well thought of. The warm feeling that spread through him as he stood in the manageress’ office was not caused by her words of praise, however. The fact she was kneeling at his feet and gently stroking his erect knob was probably the reason.

Both were smartly dressed and looked every inch the young professionals they were, though the eight inches of meaty erection poking through John’s flies was not a daily occurrence in most offices!

‘Yes, very impressive.’

‘Thanks Charlotte, I’m really glad you offered me a position here and………’ He gasped with desire as Charlotte took him in her mouth, letting her lips slide down his cock till her mouth engulfed him completely. John could feel his knees weaken as her tongue slithered around the underside of his shaft.

Abruptly she released him from her mouth and smiled up at him, her dark eyes dancing with lust.

‘Why don’t I offer you another position’, she responded, getting to her feet and quickly slipping out of her skirt. Her cotton briefs quickly followed, then she looked John in the eye again, enjoying the uncertainty and confusion she found there. Understandable, really, Charlotte thought. Most bosses don’t give you oral sex on your first day in a new job!

‘As doggy style is my favourite position, lets try for that shall we?’ Charlotte turned her back on John and bent over her desk, her high heels helping to push her bottom out invitingly.

‘OK John, slide it in please. Don’t worry about hurting me – sucking cock always gets me very wet. Oh, God, that’s right. Now, some nice slow deep strokes I think. You’ve got a lovely cock………..mmmmm.’

All was silent for a moment as John, trousers and boxers now round his ankles, concentrated on gently fucking the brains out of his incredible new boss. His eyes were glued to the peachy little bottom he held in his hands and the pretty little pussy, now being stretched by his swollen dick, below it. Charlotte had laid her head on the blotting pad, eyes closed and mouth open in a perfect ‘O’ as she breathed deeply in time with John’s probing.

The bleeping of the phone on Charlotte’s desk broke the silence.

‘Don’t you dare stop’, she ordered, before raising herself onto an elbow and picking up the receiver.

‘Charlotte Walker’, she purred, her deep throaty tone betraying the fact that she was doing more than office work at that moment.

‘Hi Charlotte, it’s Wendy on reception. I just wanted to check the wording of the ad. for the Assistant vacancy.’

‘Oh, yes’, breathed Charlotte, her voice full of sex. ‘I’m just in the middle of something. Could you pop in with it?’ John stopped his rhythmic thrusting. An interruption was the last thing he expected, especially in the form of a workmate walking in on them.

‘I thought I told you not to stop’, reminded his new boss, putting the receiver down. The deep thrusts resumed at once.

‘Oooh, that’s better. God, you’re good!’ The door opened and Wendy, holding a newly typed job spec., strolled in. John knew better than to stop now, and felt his cock stiffen even more in response to the thrill of being watched by the curvy young blonde.

Wendy had evidently walked in on similar scenes before, as she simply placed the paper on Charlotte’s desk, winking at John through a fringe of curls as she did so.

Sorry to interrupt, but I need to ring it through before two to get it in tonight’s paper.’

‘No that’s fine Wendy. We are here to work after all.’ The two women laughed at was obviously a private joke.

‘John, you fuck like an angel but could I ask you to take two paces back for a moment?’ He reluctantly obliged and his dick, shiny with Charlotte’s juices, slid out of her with an audible slurping noise.

‘If you’ll just give me a minute while I check this over’, said a suddenly business-like Charlotte.

‘Actually Wendy, while you’re waiting, would you like to take over?’ Wendy had been unable to take her eyes off the throbbing prick and needed no encouragement. She knelt, as Charlotte had a few minutes ago, and took hold of the steaming cock with a thumb and forefinger.

‘Wow, now that’s a big cock’.

‘Yes, it’s lovely isn’t it? It really fills your pussy up. He knows how to use it too!’

‘I aim to please’, responded John, quickly coming to terms with this bizarre encounter and deciding he would like his new job.

‘I guess my pussy will have to wait’, said Wendy, almost to herself. She began to kiss John’s manhood along its length, her full lips tasting Charlotte’s love juice in a series of little sucks as she did so. John could feel his balls tighten and he knew he was about to shoot his load.

‘Christ, I’m coming!’

‘I know’, replied Wendy with a cheeky grin, before taking the head of his cock in her mouth and bathing it in the warmth and wetness within.

‘Aaahh Jesus! Fucking hell, that’s incredible!’ Wendy responded with a low moan, deep in her throat. She could hardly say more, with a mouth full of hard on and spunk! Charlotte looked over her shoulder and smiled at the ecstatic look on the young man’s face.

‘I take it you enjoyed that?’

It took John a few seconds to respond to his new boss, his knees trembling as his orgasm seemed to continue for an age. He could feel his balls draining into the mouth of the pretty girl at his knees, her expert lips and tongue working hard to suck him dry. With one hand on the desk to help him support himself, he eventually found his voice again.

‘Oh God, you two are incredible!’

‘Why thank you, that’s very kind’. She stood and turned to face him. ‘I’m sure Wendy is just as pleased. Perhaps she’ll tell us later’. The blonde was still sucking and swallowing, obviously enjoying her unexpected task, but raised a thumb in a ‘thumbs up’ gesture that made them both laugh.

‘We work hard here John, but we also look after each other. We’re all single and we’re all adults. I always recruit people with an open-minded attitude to sex and relationships. Better we mix work with pleasure like this than have to put up with the frustration of working with someone you want but can’t have, or the whole team suffering from the fallout of office romances that go wrong, don’t you think?’ John didn’t need to respond as his face, sporting a goofy grin as Wendy finished cleaning him up with her tongue, answered for him.

Wendy stood and the two women smiled at each other.

‘Thanks for your input this afternoon John,’ continued Charlotte, as business-like as she could be considering she was still naked from the waist down.

‘If you could ask Sally to run through the overseas accounts procedures with you we can introduce you to the international trading desk tomorrow’.

‘Err, yes, of course. Um, thanks and……I’ll see you tomorrow’. John pulled up his underwear and trousers and retreated into the corridor. The two women resisted the urge to laugh but again shared a secret smile.

‘He’ll certainly do, won’t he Wendy!’

‘I’ll say, what a cock! I thought he’d keep coming forever!’

‘Yes, he’ll fit in fine, I’m sure. Anyway, could you get this ad in the paper for me? I’ve been thinking it’d be nice to have another pretty young thing in the office. A girl this time.’

‘Oh yes, I’m getting tired of being the youngest here. It’d be nice to have someone my own age to chat with too.’

‘Hey watch it! I’m only thirty!’

‘Well I’m only twenty!’

‘Hmm, well. As long as you remember us old fossils occasionally, I won’t mind you having a new friend.’

‘Don’t be daft – you know I’m not like that!’

‘I’m only teasing, Wendy. Anyway, you’d better get on the phone if you’re going to get that ad in. When you’ve done that could you pop back in? I’ve got another job for you.’

‘Of course, I’ll be back in five minutes.’ Charlotte sat in the large leather chair behind her desk and spread her legs wide. Her hand began to caress and massage her sex, still damp from her recent encounter, perfectly manicured fingers sliding over her clitoris and exploring the sensitive walls of her pussy.

‘Well go on then, Wendy. Your next job is waiting for you’. Wendy smiled.

‘Does my next job involve licking you down there by any chance?’

‘Got it in one!’

‘What about this one?’ asked Eve, pointing out another small advert in the local paper. Tina leaned across to look, resting her hand on her friend’s knee.

‘Lets see….Office assistant required for full time position. Attitude and enthusiasm more important than experience’. As they both studied the paper in the afternoon sunshine, neither of them noticed the middle aged man passing the college on the far side of the road. He certainly noticed them though, and slowed his pace a little to admire them both. Eve’s long blonde hair had attracted his attention initially and as he drew closer her full figure became more obvious to him. Her tight T shirt hugged her ample breasts and her jeans clearly concealed a very curvaceous pair of legs. Tina’s flame red hair, today tied back in a pony tail, was her most eye-catching feature, but her petite figure was a pleasing contrast to that of her voluptuous friend. As the man passed he could hear their carefree giggling as they chatted. They both noticed him at the same moment and he looked away, embarrassed, as they looked up at him. They both returned to the paper, used to the admiring glances of men of all ages, and quickly forgot him. He kept their image in his mind for some time, however, the slim green-eyed redhead and the blonde with the piercing blue eyes both looking at him. Indeed, that evening he enjoyed imagining them joining him in his lonely flat and sharing his bed, the golden tan of the blonde contrasting with the smaller girl’s ivory skin. He pictured them pleasing him with hands and fingers, tasting his manhood together with mouths and tongues before he took them both in turn, filling them with his engorged member, savouring their warm pussies, making them sigh and groan in ecstasy before showering both their pretty faces with spurt after spurt of hot spunk.

His solitary fantasy would no doubt have been more intense if he had been a fly on the wall of Tina’s bedroom the previous evening. After Eve had spent an hour testing Tina’s knowledge of Macbeth, she had given her a rather different oral examination, gently opening her wet sex and lapping up the juices before nibbling and licking her clitoris until she reached orgasm. The premature return of Tina’s younger brother from his football practice meant their games ended there, but Tina had promised to return the favour for Eve as soon as she could. The girls had been friends since their first day at high school, and as they had grown up together they had become comfortable discussing the changes in their bodies and the new feelings they were experiencing. Now they were both fully grown young women this closeness had developed into a physical intimacy. They didn’t think of themselves as lovers, or lesbians, but rather as friends who had sex together.

‘I don’t know why you have to leave college anyway,’ said Tina, picking up her bag as the college bell signalled a return to lessons.

‘Oh Tina, I’ve just had enough of all this,’ replied her friend as they joined the crowd of students strolling into the college’s characterless hallway.

‘I’m not clever like you! I’m not going to make it to university and the way things are going I’m going to fail my exams, so I might as well get a job and get out there into the big bad world!’ Tina smiled in response. She knew Eve was right and it would be wrong to try to persuade her to stay, though she would miss seeing her cheery smile each morning.

‘Ring them before your next class then! If you wait, someone else will ring and beat you to it!’

‘You’re right, I will. What have I got to lose?’ Tina smiled in encouragement.

‘Listen, I’ve got to rush – I’ve got English next and I want to make sure I don’t waste last night’s revision.’

‘It certainly wasn’t a wasted night!’ smiled Eve. Tina blushed slightly, though none of the students milling round them could know what Eve was alluding to.

‘Shall I come round to yours tonight? I thought I might work on your ….. CV’, Tina finished, and they burst into gales of laughter together.

‘Sorry, I’m popping round to Danny’s after college. I’ll be free all weekend though.’

‘I suppose Danny will give your CV a complete makeover then, will he?’

‘I certainly hope so!’ Danny was Eve’s boyfriend and while it was not a serious relationship, they had been together for a few months and Tina enjoyed Eve’s regular updates on their sexual escapades. They confided everything to each other so Eve already knew all about Tina’s new boyfriend and his oversized knob! This sharing of secrets was based on a complete trust of each other that only true friendship brings.

‘Anyway, I must dash – I’ll see you at the weekend!’ smiled Tina before she darted off into the crowd.

‘Ring them now!’ she shouted before she disappeared round the corner of the main corridor that led from the hallway. Eve smiled, and dug her mobile phone out of her bag. She checked the phone number on the ad. and began to dial. She’d be late for class but that didn’t seem to matter any more.

The voice on the other end of the phone seemed friendly enough.

‘Wendy speaking, can I help you?’

‘Hi yes, I’m ringing about the office assistant job. Is it still available?’

‘Oh yes’, replied Wendy, ‘let me put you through to Miss Walker. She’s the office manager and she can tell you all about it. Hold on please – and good luck!’

‘Thanks’, replied Eve, and before she could draw breath a different voice came on the line.

‘Charlotte Walker’.

‘Oh, hello, I’m ringing about the office assistant job’, said Eve nervously.

‘Thanks for calling! I’ve spent the morning interviewing and I’ve yet to find someone even remotely suitable!’ replied Charlotte in a surprisingly cheery manner that took Eve by surprise. Not knowing how to respond, and thinking Charlotte was obviously so fussy she had no chance of the job, she blurted out the first thing that came into her head.

‘I’ve got no experience, I’m afraid’.

‘Good’, laughed Charlotte. ‘I’ve been bored to death by some of the world’s dullest people telling me each minute detail of every job they ever did. Listen, we’re a very close-knit team here and I’ll know when I’ve found the right person. It’s more about personality than experience. I’ve not found the right person yet but I’ll know them when I meet them! Anyway, tell me about yourself’.

‘Well, my name’s Eve, I’m eighteen years old, I’m at college at the moment but I want to get out into the world and earn a living. I’ve not worked before, but my friends tell me I’m enthusiastic and cheerful. I’m sure I won’t let you down if you give me a chance.’

‘Well, you certainly sound like you’re got more about you than today’s bunch! Would you like to come in for an interview tomorrow?’

‘Of course!’ Eve was shocked. This seemed to be going too well!

‘How about ten o’clock?’

‘That’s fine. I’ll be there at ten o’clock’.

‘Good, you know where we are don’t you? Just go to reception and introduce yourself. I’ll make sure they’re expecting you.’

‘Thanks very much! I’ll see you tomorrow.’

As Eve terminated the call, she found herself almost shaking. Her heart beating like mad and adrenalin surging through her, she took a few deep breaths as the last few students, late for lectures, rushed past her. The thought of tomorrow’s interview filled her with both excitement and panic. Suddenly the college she stood in felt like part of her past and instead of heading off to her class, she turned and walked back outside to the sunny afternoon she had left a few minutes before.

She initially headed for home, but on an impulse changed direction, making another phone call as she did so.

‘Danny? Are you at home?’

‘Yup, just chilling out – how’s college?’

‘Just walked out. I’ve got some time to kill.’

‘Great, come round!’

‘See you in ten!’

Danny thought of himself as Eve’s boyfriend. Eve wasn’t so sure. They had a great time together and got on well but while Eve had a desire to make the most of life’s opportunities, he accepted whatever life put in his path, a philosophy which infuriated Eve. Still, for the moment, they were ‘seeing each other’, which suited them both.

As Eve strolled up Danny’s drive, she noticed neither of his parent’s cars were in the drive. As it was only two o’clock in the afternoon they were probably still at work, she thought. She opened the back door that led into the kitchen and called out.

‘Anyone home?’

‘I’m in the lounge, come on in.’

Eve shut the door and, dropping her college bag, went through into the lounge. On seeing Danny, she was sure his parents were out, and not likely to return for some time. The fact that he was watching a hard core porn DVD and lying naked on the sofa with an impressive erection were both big giveaways!

‘Hey babe, I’ve got something for you. What do you think?’

‘Mmm, looks nice!’

‘Wanna taste?’

Eve sank to her knees and, without hesitation, took him deeply into her mouth. She held still for a moment, then her head began to bob up and down, her full lips sliding wetly over his shaft. Abruptly, she released him, sat back and looked at the TV.

‘What’s this you’re watching?’

‘Don’t stop babe!’

‘Funny name for a porn film!’

Eve enjoyed her little joke. If Danny thought the sight of his hard cock was going to turn her into an insatiable sex maniac, he had another think coming. We’ll see who’s begging who, she thought. Picking up the DVD case off the floor, she smiled at the lewd cover.

‘Does your mum know you spend your time watching ‘Ladies who love cock’ instead of looking for a job?’

‘I went down the Jobcentre this morning,’ replied Danny, clearly wishing Eve would stop talking and start sucking again. Eve leant over and licked round the head of his shaft, letting the tip of her tongue dip into the tiny hole at its top, before again turning her attention to the DVD case.

‘Join a dozen ladies as they show you what loving cock really means’, she read aloud. ‘Perhaps you don’t need me here, if you’ve already got twelve ladies who love cock?’

‘No babe, I just thought it’d be a nice surprise, I mean I know you like porn, and my mum’s out till five, so………’

Eve smiled and returned her warm mouth to Danny’s hard-on, bathing the engorged head with her saliva while letting her tongue slide slowly round it. Danny reached for the remote but Eve put her hand on his.

‘Leave it on Danny, I’m only teasing. It was a nice surprise and you’ve really turned me on. I’m a lady that loves cock as well, you know.’

Danny’s laugh turned to a moan as she returned to her sucking, at the same time resting her fingertips on the base of his cock and gently stroking it. Again Eve raised her head, only a little this time, and when she spoke Danny could feel her breath on the head of his cock.

‘I want you to come in my mouth’, she whispered, looking Danny in the eye with a look of such deep lust in her eyes that even as she opened her mouth to take him again Danny felt his come beginning to erupt inside him. The moment Eve’s lips circled his shaft again she felt it splash against the back of her mouth. Her fingers and mouth continued their gentle strokes as her mouth filled and, though she happily swallowed as much as she could, she was not surprised to feel a damp trickle at the corner of her mouth. Danny groaned as his orgasm ripped through him. Eve gives such fantastic head, he thought, looking up to her grinning face.

‘Nice?’ she asked with a chuckle.

‘God, yeah – fantastic! You missed a bit sweetheart’, replied Danny, pointing out the shiny trickle beginning to slide down the side of Eve’s chin. Giggling again, Eve wiped it away with a forefinger and lapped the drip up with her tongue.

‘Too nice to waste, darling.’

Hell, thought Danny, this girl was something else. He’d always prided himself on his skills with the opposite sex, having charmed the knickers off several young girls, but he knew he’d met his match with Eve. If anything, she had charmed his knickers off when they first met, before he got the chance to do it to her! Danny had never met a girl as wild and free as Eve.

‘Oh, I’ve got a surprise for you, Dan’, said Eve, peeling off her T shirt and letting it drop to the floor. Beneath it, she only wore a lacy blue bra, which held her ample bosom and highlighted her fabulous curves.

‘You like?’ she teased, sliding her arms over her boobs and giving them a little bounce, before jumping to her feet. She quickly popped the button on her jeans and stepped out of them, leaving her in only her bra and matching panties. She’d treated herself to some new lingerie, and knew Danny would like her new purchase as much as she did! She strolled slowly across the lounge, knowing Danny’s eyes would be glued to her ample bottom as she moved, before sitting back in an armchair and cooing ‘Danny………..I’ve got a job for you!’ She lifted her legs up onto the arms of the chair and pulled the material of her panties to one side, exposing her pretty pink pussy, topped by a halo of blonde pubes.

‘Lick me please!’

Danny didn’t need telling twice and was immediately kneeling before her, lowering his head and showering her sex with a multitude of kisses. Eve closed her eyes and relaxed. Much better than another Geography lecture, she thought, as Danny’s lips were replaced by his tongue, which began to caress the entrance of her vagina. Eve sighed as she felt her body react to her lover’s eager tongue. Her skin became flushed as the first tremors of orgasm began to engulf her. Danny’s tongue was now sliding deeply into her and lapping up the juices it discovered.

Now Danny focused on her clit, sucking, nibbling and licking her into a frenzy. She used her free hand to push Danny’s face into her crotch, desperate for him to give her all the pleasure he could. However, he pulled away from her, sitting up on his knees.

‘No no no, please don’t stop!’

‘I’ve got a surprise for you now babe’, he replied as he got to his feet. He was hard again. Eve thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She quickly got her knickers off and opened her legs again.

Danny slid into her wet pussy and they groaned in unison as their bodies melded. Eve slipped her bra off and Danny buried his face in her tits, savouring the soft flesh as his hips began an insistent rhythm that set Eve moaning again. She locked her legs round Danny as he began to pound her hard, his cock sliding in and out of his girl’s pussy at a lightning pace. They shared an open mouthed kiss which only made them more breathless. They came together, Eve whimpering in ecstasy as Danny filled her with come, still pumping away until he finally became limp and his cock slipped from her very wet, very sticky cunt. He collapsed on the floor, spent in every sense, while Eve recovered on the armchair, legs still open wide, pussy dripping their shared juices and boobs rising and falling majestically as she regained her breath.

They both needed a shower after their sexual marathon but, worried at the prospect of Danny’s mum walking in on them fucking in the shower, they concentrated on getting clean as quickly as possible and, pausing only for a quick sixty-nine on Danny’s bed, they were soon downstairs again fully clothed and looking quite respectable. Danny just hoped that the damp patch on the armchair wouldn’t hang around too long!

‘I really can’t see you working in an office, Eve.’

‘You’re just worried I’ll be too busy for our afternoon sessions! I’ve got to get out of that college and I can’t sit at home doing nothing.’

‘Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, babe!’

‘Oh, Danny, I’m not having a go at you – I just need to feel I’m getting somewhere. It could be a good chance for me.’

‘Yeah, good luck to you babe. Oh, looks like my mum’s back’. A red hatchback had just pulled into the drive. ‘What are you going to wear to this interview, anyway?’

‘Shit! I never gave it a thought! I’ve got to go! I haven’t anything smart, I wonder if Tina could help me out?’

‘Tina’s a skinny little thing, babe – she’ll have nothing that fits you!’ Danny was smart enough to know admitting to fancying your girlfriend’s best mate was a seriously bad idea, so he didn’t mention that he’s noticed Tina had lots of clothes that made her look extremely fuckable. He often fantasized about Tina. Sometimes she joined them in a threesome, sometimes it was just her and him. He had no idea that his favourite fantasy of the two girls making love to each other was in fact a frequent reality.

‘Oh hello Eve.’ Danny’s mum had popped her head round the door. ‘Not at college today?’

‘No, I’ve decided to leave. I’ve got a job interview tomorrow.’

‘My, you move fast! My son could learn a lot from you!’ The young lovers exchanged a glance but wisely said nothing.

‘I must go – I’ve got to sort out some interview clothes.’

‘Oh, bye then dear! Good luck for tomorrow!’

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