Free Story – Girl Band – A Lesbian Adventure (chapter one)

‘Come on girls, big confident smiles – this photo is going to be on a million T shirts, posters and CDs in a few days! We’re making history here!’ Holly smiled at the photographer’s enthusiastic prompting. It was very easy to smile today, as all her dreams seemed to be coming true at once. All she’d ever wanted to do was spend her life singing and dancing, and here she was in a glamorous photo shoot, one fifth of the hottest new girl band in the world. It seemed she was finally going to enjoy the fantasy career she had always dreamed of, but her love life was exceeding all her fantasies too! As the photographer paused to adjust his camera and the five girls relaxed for a moment she glanced over to Penny, the girl she had shared a bed with for five years, and reflected that she had never looked so lovely. They had been lovers for a long time but a morning of preparation at the hands of expert hairdressers and make up artists had made Penny look absolutely gorgeous. Her blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders, her skin glowed and as she arched her back for the camera again Holly couldn’t resist letting her eyes wander over her full bosom, straining against the tight top she wore. Holly loved her and she knew that her feelings were reciprocated, but the other three band members were more than just workmates too. Holly thought back to the previous evening, spent in a luxurious suite of rooms, all paid for by a record company eager to pamper its new acquisition. She had slept on the biggest bed she had ever seen, but instead of sharing it with Penny the five of them had slept together as though it was the most natural thing in the world. They had made love together, the five of them sharing their affection without shame or hesitation, their bodies mingling in the night as they slumbered. At one point she had wakened to feel gentle hands moving her onto her back before parting her legs. In the darkness she could only guess at the identity of her lover, but she had happily accepted the soft warm tongue that had begun to lap at her. Even as she arched her back with pleasure a second mouth had kissed her cheek and it had seemed so natural to return the kiss, a tongue meeting hers as the contact became more intimate. A hand had cupped one of her breasts, but she had no idea who it had belonged to and she didn’t care. She had closed her eyes as bliss overtook her and her orgasm had seemed endless. When her pleasure had ended she had been happy to give back what she had received, stroking, kissing and touching in the night until her fingers found a moist pussy, a treasure she couldn’t resist tasting.

‘Earth to Holly! Anyone home?’ Holly suddenly realized that she’d been daydreaming, her four band mates all smiling indulgently at her as she blushed.

‘Sorry girls, I just drifted off – I didn’t get much sleep last night…’


It was only a little over three months earlier that Holly and Penny had found themselves waiting their turn at yet another audition for a girl band, sitting together in a large waiting room and sizing up the competition.

‘What if we both get in?’ asked Penny, making Holly smile at her girlfriend’s eternal optimism.

‘I think that’s the least of our worries, honey!’

‘But if we do, we’ll have to tell them that we’re together. We can’t keep it a secret!’

‘Let’s cross that bridge when we get to it. We’ve been to enough of these auditions without ever getting offered a place, after all.’

‘True.’ Penny sat back in her chair, flicking a stray curl of blonde hair from her face. ‘Perhaps our luck will change today.’

‘Let’s hope so.’ Holly had always felt that Penny was the more talented of the two of them, and far more likely to have some success. She tried not to think about the strain it would put on their relationship if the girl she had lived with for so long suddenly got the recognition she deserved.

They had met at stage school three years ago and hit it off immediately. They had felt a mutual attraction straight away and once they had realized that they were both into girls they had quickly become lovers. Holly loved Penny’s happy go lucky nature and curvy body, and Penny found Holly’s more thoughtful outlook, slim figure and long black hair equally alluring. They had shared many of their college classes and Penny had been in awe of Holly’s impressive singing voice from the first hearing. As they sat and waited for their turn now, Holly reflected that though she knew she was the better singer, Penny ticked all the other boxes for a pop star much better than she did. A natural dancer, a lively personality and her instantly likable nature made Holly think of her as a star in the making. In truth Holly’s cool beauty and breathtaking voice were more than enough to make her a potential pop star, but her lack of self confidence and reserved nature continued to make life a little more difficult for her.

Penny leaned closer to Holly, her full lips close to her lover’s ear so she could whisper.

‘At least we can do a bit of window shopping while we’re here…’ Holly smiled as she turned to share a conspiratorial smile with her girlfriend, lowering her own voice as she responded.

‘True – it’s like Santa’s grotto in here!’

‘Yeah, a special Santa who only delivers to horny lesbians!’ They both giggled behind their hands. ‘Just imagine if we could pick one to take home…’

‘Oh, that would be difficult,’ mused Holly, ‘everyone is so cute!’ Her eyes glanced over her fellow hopefuls, all young, all pretty and all dressed to impress. ‘What about the redhead? On the left, by the door…’

‘Oh my, she really is nice.’ Both girls watched as the newcomer put a bag on the floor and unzipped her jacket to reveal a skin tight top, her impressive breasts emphasized by the thin material. ‘Fancy taking her home?’

‘I love that pale skin, imagine what she must look like naked, a real work of art. Those boobs …. I bet she’s got just a few little ginger curls around her pussy. Just think, she could be lying on our bed, naked. We could be parting those lovely legs for her, going down for a little taste… I’d love to share her with you.’

‘Don’t Holly, you’ll get me wet!’ The girls had a secret fantasy that they loved to share – seducing a beautiful straight girl together and introducing her to the delights of lesbian sex in a memorable threesome.

‘Oh, check out that little Japanese girl – talk about supple…’ They both watched as a lithe young oriental girl went through a series of muscle stretches, each one more gymnastic than the last. As they looked on with a mixture of admiration and lust she ended her little workout by standing next to a chair, resting one hand on it to help her balance and then raising each leg in turn, somehow managing to keep her knees locked so her calf rested against the side of her face.

‘Wow,’ whispered Penny, ‘she must have a box full of Olympic medals at home!’

‘Yeah, she’s super bendy, isn’t she? I bet she can lick her own pussy…’

‘That I’d like to see!’ The girl’s fantasies were suddenly interrupted by a young man with a clipboard who had appeared in the doorway. He shouted out half a dozen names, Penny’s among them.

‘Good luck!’ shouted Holly as Penny hurried off.


Two hours later they were back in their flat.

‘What a waste of time, Holly!’

‘I know, I know. We never seem to get a look in, do we? I sang three lines and they shut me up! What’s the point?’

‘I didn’t even get to sing. How can they judge me on twenty seconds of dancing?’ She threw her jacket onto the sofa. ‘I’m sure they just look at me and think I’m fat, so that’s that every time.’

‘Don’t be silly, you’ve got a fantastic figure and you’re super fit, no-one could accuse you of being overweight.’

‘When they see big boobs, a big bottom and big thighs they think fat, not curvy, not sexy. They just want stick women!’

‘How come I keep failing too then?’ Holly pulled up her tight top to show her perfectly flat tummy, more to distract Penny from her moaning than to make a point.

‘I see what you mean. Very athletic, but it didn’t get you anywhere.’ She paused for a moment as she admired the soft skin. ‘Lift your top up a little more for me.’ Holly returned Penny’s knowing look as she slowly lifted her top, a tingle of excitement in her tummy as she felt her little boobs fall free. ‘Oh, very nice,’ whispered Penny as she moved closer. ‘I wouldn’t want you firm and muscular all over…’ Holly sighed as a warm hand closed over her right breast, the nipple stiffening against Penny’s palm. Her eyes closed and Penny slid her free hand over her tummy and round her back, pulling her close. Holly felt Penny’s soft lips rest gently on hers and she returned the blonde’s hug as their kiss deepened. When impatient hands began to tug at Holly’s top she broke the embrace to allow Penny to quickly pull it over her head, leaving her topless. Penny dipped her head to taste a nipple, her lover sighing again as she rested a hand in the blonde’s curls, encouraging the intimacy. Suddenly Penny pushed Holly back into the big armchair behind her, grinning down at her for a moment before jumping into her lap, sitting astride her and kissing her again as they giggled, Holly’s hands slipping inside her T shirt to explore.

”You want me to show you mine? I’ll show you what a proper set of boobs looks like, shall I?’ Holly sat back and watched as Penny’s T shirt flew across the room. The girls smiled at each other again as Penny fumbled behind herself for a moment before letting her bra fall away.

‘God, you’re magnificent!’ Penny’s full breasts were a contrast to Holly’s modest bumps. They swayed a little, round and inviting, pink nipples stiffening in the cool air, skin so soft and tempting. ‘I’ll never get tired of looking at those beauties!’

‘You can do more than look, lover,’ replied Penny as she leant closer, groaning happily as Holly’s little mouth latched onto a nipple. ‘Fuck, that’s nice …. don’t forget the other one …. you may not be a pop star yet, but you’re my number one!’ Holly’s hands were delving into Penny’s leggings, frustrated by the tight material, but the blonde helped by standing for a moment to tug them off, removing her knickers too before jumping back into Holly’s lap.


‘Oh yes, now I can have a little play …. oooh, you’re wet!’

‘God, that’s nice – put a finger in!’ Holly took a nipple into her mouth again as she inserted a slim digit into her girlfriend’s wet sex.


‘Oh fuck yes, use two! Can you reach my clit with your other …. yes, like that, rub it!’ For a moment silence reigned as Holly went to work, Penny arching her back and tossing her mane of blonde curls over her shoulders as she let pleasure overcome her, her mouth open in a soundless gasp. After five years, Holly knew exactly how to make Penny come and soon the blonde’s body was beginning to shudder a little as her orgasm rolled over her, pussy sending pleasure though her ample frame as she wetted Holly’s busy fingers. Holly’s other arm was holding the curvy blonde, enjoying the heat of her body, the quiet gasps and the soft kisses that Penny rained on her neck as she came. They were one at that moment, best friends and lovers.

A few minutes later they were still cuddling in the armchair, content and cosy in each other’s arms, when Holly suddenly had an idea that seemed an obvious solution to their problem.

‘We’ve wasted so much time going for auditions – why aren’t we the ones holding the audition?’

‘I don’t follow.’

‘We could form our own band!’

‘But these auditions we go to are for a band with backing – a record company willing to sink lots of money into publicity, songwriters, videos….’

‘Good point.’ They were silent for a few moments, Holly’s mind working overtime.

‘If we were in a proper band we could do gigs, write songs and try to get ourselves known. We could knock on record companies’ doors and show them what they’re missing out on!’

‘There’ll be hundreds of bands out there doing that,’ murmured Penny as she cuddled in closer, her hand caressing the soft skin of Holly’s tummy.

‘Well yes, but…’ Holly paused to think again, kissing the blonde’s forehead in response to the hand that was now fondling a soft little breast. ‘We need a USP.’

‘A what?’

‘A unique selling point – something that makes us different to all the other bands out there.’

‘We could be the band with the stiffest nipples,’ giggled Penny, her fingers teasing, making Holly’s dark nipple firm. ‘We could be called ‘Wannasuckem’!’ Holly laughed at that, but when Penny’s mouth replaced her fingers she gasped.

‘Oh, that’s nice. You could be onto something though. There’s never been a lesbian girl band.’ Penny released her nipple to look at her through her blonde burls.

‘There’s a reason for that, honey. It would turn a lot of people off.’

‘I suppose, but times change. People are a lot more tolerant now. Do the other one for me…’ Holly watched as Penny obediently suckled her other nipple, tongue working wetly away. Suddenly Penny sat up with a smile.

‘If we were in a band, we’d be surrounded by sexy girls all the time!’

‘Yeah, there’d be our band mates of course, dancers, musicians…’

‘Don’t forget the fans!’

‘Of course, countless cute girls all around the world, all in love with us, willing to do anything for us…’

‘So keen to get naked and taste pussy for the first time…’ The two girls held each other in silence for a few moments, both lost in a perfect lesbian fantasy.

‘It’s a nice dream,’ sighed Penny, but Holly had made a decision.

‘If we don’t try, we’ll never know. We’ve got nothing to lose, have we? I think I’ll put an advert in that lesbian magazine that you like and hope that all the other readers are as cute as you.’ Penny smiled and softly kissed Holly’s neck again.

‘We’ll still be close, won’t we?’

‘Of course – you’ll always be my special girl, but we’ve always been open to involving other people, haven’t we? We could even make our threesome fantasy come true!’

‘You’d better place that call!’ laughed Penny.


Three weeks later the girls were sat in a large dance studio. Holly worked in the offices of a gymnasium so getting free use of the room had been easy, and they were waiting for the arrival of the young hopeful that they had arranged to meet.

‘Let’s have another look at Jade’s photos, Holly.’ They’d moved a desk and chairs into the studio in an attempt to look professional and they spread the photos out as they sat behind it. ‘She is so cute!’

‘She is, but she’s not exactly glamorous, is she?’

‘No, but that’s the look we need – a likeable girl next door type. I love her smile.’

‘Have you noticed her boobs in this shot? Quite big, aren’t they?’

‘Everyone’s boobs look big to you,’ giggled Penny, ‘but I see what you mean – she’s quite curvy.’

‘Yum yum.’

‘You’re terrible!’ Both girls laughed, the sound echoing off the mirrored walls and wooden floor.

‘It’s a bit of a shame that she’s the only person to respond to your ad though.’

‘I suppose, but it was a tiny advert. It was so expensive to have anything larger! I don’t suppose many people buy that magazine, and how many of them want to be in a girl band?’

‘True.’ Just then the door opened and a pretty face appeared.

‘Am I in the right place? I’ve come for the auditions.’

‘You certainly are!’ beamed Penny, jumping up from her chair. ‘You must be Jade.’ She reached out a hand and held Jade’s briefly. The newcomer was as cute in reality as her photos had suggested, shoulder length blonde hair framing a pretty face. While she was not exceptionally beautiful, her cheery smile made her instantly likable and Penny found herself quickly warming to her.

As Penny introduced herself, Holly took the opportunity to let her eyes wander over Jade’s young body and she liked what she saw. It was obvious that this was not Jade’s first audition as she had chosen clothes that were both comfortable enough to dance in, yet designed to make her look as sexy as possible. Her leggings clung to toned yet full legs, ample thighs curving up to womanly hips. Her smoothly rounded tummy was only slightly obscured by an oversized T shirt that hung off one creamy shoulder, exposing the thick black strap of her sports bra. She was obviously a girl that couldn’t consider not wearing one, her bosom full enough to create some more impressive curves. By the time Jade had turned to offer her hand to Holly, the dark haired girl was already very impressed.

‘Hi, I’m Holly.’

‘Good to meet you. I’m a bit surprised to be seen straight away like this – at other auditions I’ve had to wait for hours!’

‘Oh, we’re a bit more organized than that,’ said Penny quickly. ‘Why don’t you take a seat at the desk with us for a chat first?’ Quickly putting the photos away, Holly pulled back a chair for Jade and they all sat.

‘So, tell us about yourself, Jade,’ said Holly, trying to sound as professional as she could.

‘Well, I’m nineteen, at a drama college at the moment, studying dance and music. Singing is my big passion. I’ve had singing lessons since I was a child and sang in lots of amateur stage shows. I’ve recorded in professional studios and sent my recordings off to loads of people, but never got a break. I always look out for auditions like this too, but never seem to get too far. Not yet anyway!’ She added with a smile, suddenly aware she had been a little too negative about herself.

‘Tell us more about your dancing,’ asked Penny, utterly captivated by Jade’s engaging personality and struggling to remain focused on the purpose of their discussion. For the first time Jade hesitated a little before she spoke.

‘I do quite a lot of dancing at college now, but it’s not something I’m too comfortable with. I can dance, I can keep to a beat and learn moves quickly and I’m athletic enough to do quite acrobatic stuff, though I know I don’t look it. Having said that, some of the girls I go to college with are fantastic, much better than me, so I know I’m not a great dancer.’

‘Okay,’ responded Holly. ‘Two things to mention there – we’re looking for a great singer, not a great dancer, so I’m sure you’ll have what it takes. Also, don’t be so negative about your figure – you’ve got a fantastic body!’

‘Oh, thanks!’ blushed Jade. Holly tried not to wince as Penny kicked her under the table, amazed at how openly her friend was praising their prospective recruit.

‘As you seem more comfortable with singing, why don’t you show us what you’ve got in that department first? Have you brought some music?’ Jade produced a CD and Holly slipped it into the music system.

Five minutes later the girls were in shock. Jade had simply blown them away, singing a slow ballad with such control, range and emotion that they simply couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

‘Wow!’ whispered Penny, unable to hide her admiration. Holly too couldn’t pretend to be unimpressed and decided to be honest.

‘Jade, that was fantastic! How you’ve not been snapped up by someone before now I just don’t know!’

‘Thanks! I love singing, it’s my life, so it’s great when people appreciate it.’

‘You’re by far the best person we’ve heard today,’ added Penny, her praise heartfelt but her private joke enough to earn her a nudge from Holly. ‘Do you feel ready for some dancing?’

‘Okay,’ smiled Jade, her face betraying her apprehension.

‘I’ve got an idea,’ interjected Holly. ‘I can see you’re not comfortable with dancing for us, so why don’t we all dance?’ Ignoring Penny’s quizzical stare, she explained. ‘We’ll put something high tempo on and we can pretend we’re in a nightclub. Let’s be honest, we only need someone who can look good while they’re moving.’ Jade was a picture of relief and soon they were all on their feet as a high energy dance track blasted out.

‘Remember Jade, keep it sexy!’ shouted Penny as they all started to move. Though Penny and Holly danced along, their eyes were glued to Jade as she gyrated, taking Penny’s advice and swaying her hips and shaking her bottom. At one point she put her hands on her tummy before slowly sliding them up her body, cupping her breasts for a moment and closing her eyes as though she was turned on by the music. The other girls shot each other a look, both of them amazed and aroused by the teenager’s effortless sexuality. They knew without discussion that they had found a new addition to their band, and both hoped that they could share more than just music.

When the music ended they all sat again, Jade hoping for good news and the others not entirely sure what to do next, so impressed were they with their discovery.

‘Is there anything else you want me to do, or any questions you have for me? I’ve been to so many auditions and missed out, so I want to be sure you’ve seen everything I’ve got.’ Both girls could think of several things they’d like Jade to do and seeing everything she had got sounded great but, with a supreme effort, Holly managed to get things back on track.

‘You certainly seem to be the girl we’re looking for, but we do need to ask you one or two more questions. We advertised in a lesbian magazine for a reason – we’re both into girls and we wanted to put together a different girl band, a band to show that gay girls can be positive role models and that your sexuality doesn’t define who you are.’ Jade didn’t respond and it seemed that the atmosphere had changed suddenly. It was Penny that asked the question.

‘Are you into girls, Jade?’ It was obvious that the young girl was uncomfortable, suddenly unable to meet their eyes as she responded.

‘Oh yes, I do like girls.’

‘Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?’ persisted Penny.

‘No, not at the moment. I’m …. kind of …. concentrating on my studies at the moment.’ She smiled apologetically, but the girls could see right through her half truths.

Five minutes later she had left, leaving an air of disappointment in the room.

‘So obviously straight,’ sighed Penny.

‘Yes, I think she thought that she could just get away with saying the right things. When you think about it, how do you know if someone’s straight or gay? If they’re single they can say what they want!’

‘Yeah, she thought she could just say that she was a lesbian, then if she was pressed she could say she didn’t have a girlfriend, or that she had not found the right girl, or that she’d not slept with anyone because she wasn’t ready.’

‘She is only nineteen.’

‘Yeah, I suppose she just thought that she could get away with it. We can’t just give up on her though – she’s fantastic!’

‘Don’t worry, I’ve had an idea.’


A few days later Penny found herself opening her front door to Jade, the young girl somehow seeming ten times as nervous as she had the first time they met.

‘Hello again! Come on in!’

‘Thanks,’ she replied quietly. Holly had rung Jade the previous evening to let her know that they needed to talk to her, and Jade was clever enough to work out what they wanted to ask. The audition had been going incredibly well until they’d asked her about her sexuality, and her plan to pretend to be a lesbian had obviously not worked out too well. She now felt that they were planning to force her to be honest and that would be the end of her hopes of being a big singing star again.

Penny ushered her through to the living room, where Holly was sitting in an armchair.

‘Hi Jade, thanks for popping over, take a seat. Do you want a drink or anything?’ Holly watched as the teenager sat. She was just as hot as Holly remembered her, curvy and cute. Penny sat on the sofa next to Jade, but the teenager could stand the atmosphere no longer, deciding to be honest and to bring matters to a head as soon as possible, even if it meant throwing away any chance she had of getting a place in the band.

‘Please, let me start by apologizing. I’ve been trying so long to get a break that I couldn’t resist replying to your advertisement. My sister’s a lesbian and she showed it to me – it’s in one of the magazines she reads. I thought I could just lie about my sexuality to be honest, but I’ve realized that’s not fair on you guys and a bit disrespectful too.’

‘Thank you for being so honest,’ replied Holly, a little relieved that she no longer had to ask the difficult questions she had planned. ‘I’d like to be frank in return. We’d really like you to be in the band and as you’re so young we thought you might be a bit confused about your sexuality.’

‘I don’t follow,’ replied Jade, looking quizzically at Holly.

‘You’ve told us that you’re concentrating on your studies, so am I right in presuming that you haven’t got a boyfriend at the moment?’

‘Well, yes.’

‘Okay. You’ve had boyfriends in the past?’

‘Of course!’

‘So you enjoy sex with men?’

‘Well…’ Jade blushed furiously and Penny couldn’t help but interject, resting a hand on Jade’s arm as she spoke.

‘You don’t have to answer these questions if you don’t want to. We just would really like you to be sure before we start looking for someone else…’

‘Do you think I’m a lesbian?’ Jade looked incredulous at the suggestion.

‘No, honey,’ replied Penny, ‘we just need to be sure. Sorry to be blunt about this, but I think you’re a virgin.’

‘Okay, okay, I’m a virgin. I’ve had boyfriends and …. it’s just that I’ve never found anyone I wanted to go all the way with.’

‘But you’ve …. fooled around?’ asked Holly. ‘Did you enjoy that?’

‘To be honest, my boyfriends were all desperate to fuck me, or to get me to suck them or wank them. I hate the feeling of being used and I didn’t really want to do anything like that with any of them, so when they knew that I wouldn’t be giving them what they wanted they tended to lose interest.’ Penny moved closer and risked slipping an arm around the shoulders of the young girl, who now seemed a little upset as she reflected on her old boyfriends. Holly couldn’t believe Penny had moved in close, but Jade didn’t seem to mind so Penny decided to say something further.

‘These guys made you feel used, right? You wanted someone who would be interested in you, someone to share good times with, someone who was a friend, but more than a friend? Instead you got these guys that want to grab your tits and want you to give them pleasure, not caring about you at all!’ To everyone’s surprise, a solitary tear rolled down Jade’s cheek.

‘You’re so right, but all that doesn’t mean that I’m a lesbian.’

‘No, but do you know how I know how you feel? It’s because that’s exactly how I felt when I was your age. I went out with a few guys, had a terrible time and didn’t understand why, until one day a girl kissed me.’ Before Jade could react, Penny leant forward and kissed her on the cheek, her soft lips brushing away the tear there.

Time seemed to stand still. Penny waited for a reaction but Jade seemed to not have noticed the kiss, still lost in her own thoughts. Holly felt like a voyeur watching the scene unfold, hoping further intimacies would follow. After what seemed like an eternity Jade spoke again.

‘I didn’t realize how terrible my love life was until now,’ she said with a rueful smile, ‘but thanks for pointing it out!’ She patted Penny’s knee briefly, the blonde shooting Holly a glance full of hope that their new band mate was willing to accept more touches. Holly decided to try being a little more frank.

‘I think Penny’s just suggesting that you think about your sexuality a little. We want you in the band, we really like you, but we are looking for girls that are into girls.’

‘I’ve got some thinking to do,’ replied Jade, almost to herself, as she stood to leave.

‘Let me show you out,’ said Penny, leading her to the corridor of their flat and leaving Holly sitting alone for a moment. On impulse, Holly walked to the doorway, curious to see if the girls spoke again. Peeping through the crack between the door and the doorframe, she could see them standing by the front door together, whispering low enough to make the conversation inaudible. She was shocked when Penny took Jade’s hand in hers and even more surprised when Jade responded with a ready smile, meeting the blonde’s gaze. They talked for a little longer, still holding hands, before Penny put a hand on the door handle and began to open it. What happened next shocked everyone.

Without prompting, Jade leaned closer to Penny, tentatively resting a free hand on Penny’s arm as she softly kissed her lips. Penny was too shocked to react for a moment, but the kiss had a life of its own, Jade breaking contact for a moment before kissing her again, her mouth moving a little, the connection more sexual now. Penny freed her hands to embrace the hesitant girl, but before she could hold her Jade had broken free and slipped through the open door into the night. Holly stepped into the corridor as Penny closed the door, a look of bewilderment on her face.

‘Did you see that? She kissed me!’

‘I certainly did! That was so fucking hot!’

‘You should try kissing her! Jesus…’

‘What did you say to her to make her kiss you?’

‘Nothing really, I just said that I was really fond of her and that if she wanted to talk, or if I could do anything for her…’

‘It looks like she’s got a soft spot for you anyway!’

‘I think our fantasy is about to before a reality, babe!’

Meanwhile, Jade was hurrying home, her heart pounding in her chest as she walked along the deserted street. She could still feel Penny’s soft lips on hers and she had never been so turned on. Inside her jeans, inside her panties, her pussy wetly begged for attention, but Jade knew now that it was the touch of a woman she needed.


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