The Three of Us

A man with two hot girls

Have you ever loved two people at once? Imagine if those two people loved each other too….

I’m very excited about ‘The Three of Us’ – it’s an epic story of love between three people, an explicit and erotic tale that’s sure to fire your imagination! It is being published in a series of episodes (as well as a complete novel) and the first chapter is FREE! You can get a free copy NOW by clicking on the link to your favourite online store below, and if you like what you read there are links to buy the complete novel at the bottom of this page!

Apple –

Barnes & Noble –;jsessionid=7E97179FDEBB108721A7DCFBB65A2AB7.prodny_store01-2?ean=2940152289121

Kobo –

Amazon –

(Amazon won’t let me sell it for free, but Smashwords will happily supply you with a Kindle friendly version at no cost!)

Smashwords –

If you still need persuading, read on…..

Rob and Ellie are best friends. Rob is straight and Ellie is into girls, so sex has never got in the way of their friendship – until they meet Zoe. She is the most beautiful girl they have ever seen, and they both fall for her on the spot.

When the chance to seduce her comes along they take it, and they quickly discover that Zoe is their fantasy made real, as passionate about them as they are her. Making love as a threesome is a fantastic experience for all of them, but none of them realize that this will be the start of the journey that will change the lives of all three of them.

Join the three lovers as they begin to discover a new kind of love, one where physical lusts combine with deep emotional bonds, creating a unique relationship that unites them all.

Links to buy the complete series in one epic novel –;jsessionid=C9E0474DD8C1AC7CA8F57AFCA6C2B6CB.prodny_store02-atgap01?ean=2940152829044



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