Lesbian Heaven

Beautiful Girls Having Fun Walking on the Beach

Heavenly girls in heavenly locations… If you love girls who love girls, this full length novel will take you there!

‘This place is amazing, it’s like heaven!’
Imagine a sun drenched island paradise, home to six beautiful young women who have learned to share their hearts and bodies without jealousy, a place where they can make love and enjoy life – their perfect home.
On the other side of the world, pretty Roxanne meets the island’s owner, gorgeous redhead Lauren. Even though she is straight, the encounter begins a journey that will change the curvaceous brunette’s life forever – perhaps she is not as straight as she thought…..
Step into a world where beautiful women make love in heavenly locations, and join Roxanne as she discovers her true sexuality for the first time in a deeply erotic story that smoulders from the first page to the last!
‘Lesbian Heaven’ is a full length novel that contains explicit scenes of women making love in intense one on ones, hot threesomes and uninhibited orgies – strictly adults only!

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If you need more persuading, read on – below is the first chapter…..

‘This place is amazing, it’s like heaven!’

The two women paused for a moment as they looked along the coastline, taking in one of the most beautiful views on the island, the white sand of the deserted beach stretching away into the distance. The clear blue water that lapped against its edge was a contrast to the lighter blue of the sky above, and the warm sunshine seemed to promise an endless summer. Behind the beach lush green vegetation added richness to the scene, the vibrant growth giving the island a feeling of luxuriant fertility.

Sharon lifted a slim hand to her forehead, shielding her eyes from the bright Caribbean sun. As she looked along the coastline a gentle breeze from the perfect blue ocean ruffled her shoulder length blonde hair a little, pushing it away from her pretty face. The dark haired girl by her side couldn’t resist watching her companion as she took in the beauty of the island, taking the opportunity to admire the newcomer’s slim frame, delicate features and beautiful blue eyes. If this is heaven, you’re going to make a very good angel, thought the petite brunette, imagining what Sharon’s body would look like naked, though the denim shorts and loose T shirt that she was wearing did little to hide her slender body.

After living on the island for two years Kelly had become used its charms, though every day she thanked her lucky stars that fate had given her the chance to make this paradise her home. The beauty of the island was matched by its exclusively female inhabitants, and Kelly was looking forward to getting to know its newest resident a whole lot better. The knowledge that she would be making love with Sharon in the near future gave her goosebumps, despite the warm sunshine, and she knew that the tingle in her pussy was simply an overture to much more intense sensations.

The six ladies that called the island home were all lovers, sharing each other without favouritism or jealousy, and Sharon had already committed to joining their unconventional little group, so Kelly’s anticipation of future intimacies was based on much more than just hope. The young woman that owned the island had initially intended it to be her own personal escape from the world, and as she was into girls it was only natural for her to invite her girlfriend to live with her there. Their open relationship had meant that a third girl had joined them shortly afterwards, and over time more women of a similarly open disposition had joined them. It seemed that every new inhabitant knew another sexy girl that would just love the chance to join their little tribe, and now there were six of them!

Sharon had grown tired of trying to find a girlfriend in the small town in which she lived, and her career as a horticulturalist meant that the option of moving into the city to find someone was not really an option. She had tried to resign herself to life as a single woman, but when she saw an advert for gardener in a lesbian magazine that she subscribed to she couldn’t resist applying. She had realized quite quickly that her sexuality and her feelings about open relationships were of more interest to her prospective employer than her professional qualifications or skills, but once she had met some of the women who lived on the island and really understood what life there would involve, she seized the opportunity with both hands! Now she had finally arrived she felt a strange hesitancy, her usual reserve and her lack of sexual experience leaving her making polite conversation with Kelly as the brunette showed her around the island, rather than taking her hand as they strolled and perhaps stealing a kiss when the time was right. However, as she scanned the curve of the beach that they had arrived at, the white sand contrasting with the impossibly blue water at its edge, fate provided her with an encounter that would make her first day on the island truly memorable.

As she took in the seeming perfection of the scene the impossible happened and Sharon found her eyes drawn to a very different kind of beauty. A female figure emerged from the water a hundred yards from them, removing a mask and snorkel as she waded through the surf towards the beach. She was topless, her only item of clothing a very skimpy pair of bikini briefs, and Sharon felt her heart skip a beat as she looked on. If she had imagined her perfect fantasy girl, the young woman padding up the beach towards the line of palm trees at its edge would have been the result. Her long dark hair, perfect tanned skin, shapely hourglass figure and wonderfully full breasts made her look like a dream come true to the disbelieving blonde, and Kelly smiled as she watched her new friend’s reaction. She seemed hypnotized, her blue eyes watching the swimmer’s wonderful body, speechless for a moment.

‘That’s Cassie,’ explained Kelly helpfully, ‘she’s gorgeous, isn’t she!’

‘Breathtaking,’ managed Sharon after a few moments.

‘Come on, let’s go and say hello. She’s our resident hunter gatherer, and she looks after all our chickens and goats too. We do help each other out of course, but Cassie seems to know how to entice fish into her nets so we rely on her for a lot of our fresh food.’

Sharon couldn’t remember being so nervous at the prospect of meeting a pretty girl before – she wasn’t shy, but this encounter was like no other and she felt a little overwhelmed! Cassie smiled when she noticed their approach but made no effort to cover herself, and Sharon found herself physically struggling to keep her eyes from lingering on her perfect breasts, dark nipples standing erect as the warm Caribbean breeze caressed her body. The smile in Cassie’s big brown eyes only served to add to the butterflies in her stomach, this unexpected encounter becoming more like a sexual fantasy with every passing moment. The beautiful beach, cute Kelly’s presence by her side, the gorgeous stranger and her warm smile that seemed to promise much more than friendship – everything combined to make Sharon feel that she had truly found paradise.

‘Hello! You must be Sharon,’ smiled Cassie, displaying white teeth that were as perfect as the rest of her as she greeted the blonde, who found herself only able to smile in response.

‘I think you’ve shocked her with your dramatic appearance, Cassie!’ giggled Kelly.

‘Oh Sharon, you don’t need to be nervous here – we’re all friends!’ As Cassie spoke the three women moved away from the water’s edge, walking towards the bag that the curvy brunette had left in the shade of a palm tree. ‘It does take a little getting used to, living the life that we share here, but there is nowhere I’d rather be, that’s for sure!’

‘I was just saying to Kelly that this place seems like heaven,’ managed Sharon, finding her voice at last.

‘It certainly is, it’s lesbian heaven!’ laughed Cassie, shaking some of the water from her hair, her breasts swaying a little with her body’s movement, Sharon’s heart skipping a beat as she watched. ‘So what’s your story, Sharon? I think we’ve all either come here to escape something, or to find something.’ Cassie fixed her big brown eyes on Sharon again, and the blonde found herself struggling to think of something to say once more, but Kelly helpfully came to her rescue.

‘Sharon has been telling me that she decided that she needed a bit of adventure in her life. She’s a small town girl.’

‘Oh, I know how that story goes! Being the only lesbian in town can be a bit wearing, and as for getting laid….’

‘Yes, I have had to get used to not having a sex life,’ replied Sharon, the words tumbling out before she realized the secret that she had inadvertently revealed, both her companions looking at her with a new interest.

‘You’re not telling us that you’ve never….’ began Kelly, shock evident on her face. Sharon could only stammer a response, feeling so embarrassed at her unintentional revelation.

‘I just never met anyone. I did try, but….’

‘Come here…’ smiled Cassie as she extended her arms, and Sharon gratefully stepped into the embrace, and into heaven. She actually gasped as the soft body pushed gently against hers, welcoming arms encircling her and holding her close for a few moments, though it felt like an eternity. A kiss from Cassie’s soft mouth landed on her cheek and Sharon felt her own body respond immediately, adrenaline flooding into her bloodstream as her hands caressed Cassie’s warm skin. A moment later the embrace had ended, Cassie turning to open her bag and pull out a large blanket, quickly unfurling it so it lay over the sand.

‘Sit down for me Sharon,’ urged Cassie, the blonde meekly complying, though her companions remained standing. ‘I don’t want you to feel under any pressure to do anything you don’t want to do, but to be honest you are far too beautiful to be missing out on a sex life. We would like nothing more than to join you on that blanket and show you what you’ve been missing all this time, but you have to want us too.’ Kelly had moved closed to her fellow island resident, slipping an arm around her waist and letting a small hand rest on her hip, smiling encouragingly down at Sharon before she spoke.

‘I’ve got an idea, Cassie. Instead of putting her on the spot, why don’t we show her what she has been missing, and if she wants to do more than watch I’m sure she will let us know!’ Kelly glanced at Sharon again before she turned to smile at Cassie, and as Sharon watched her two new friends shared a hug, holding each other tight for a few moments before they both turned to look at her again.

‘I guess that’s okay with you?’ grinned Cassie, and when Sharon nervously returned her smile the kiss that followed was inevitable. Kelly moved closer and her lips met Cassie’s in a slow and lazy contact, both girls in no rush, enjoying the feel of each other’s mouth, the knowledge that they had an audience adding a little extra excitement to their intimacy. Kelly’s hand moved up to caress a full globe, and when the kiss ended she turned to look at Sharon again, smiling as her fingers slid over a now very stiff nipple.

‘They are so lovely, aren’t they!’ she whispered as Cassie softly gasped at her friend’s thrilling touch, and when the girls kissed again the contact was much more sexual, lips parting to allow tongues to meet, tips softly touching, heightening the arousal of both women.

Sharon was aroused too, partly by the wonderfully sexy show that her new friends were putting on for her, but also by the knowledge that it would only take a few words to turn her from spectator to participant. Her sexual experience at that point had only involved a few passionate kisses and caresses during her college years, and the thought that the sexual fantasy that she had nurtured for so long, the dream of making love with a woman, was about to become a reality was almost too exciting to bear. The fact that she would have two beautiful women introducing her to the delights of lesbian love was beyond even her wildest fantasy, and as she looked on she realized that she was actually shaking a little, the anticipation overwhelming. As she watched the girls embrace, Kelly turned to smile at her again, her voice a little deeper now as her own desire began to grow.

‘You are such a pretty girl Sharon, I can’t believe you’ve never found a girl that wants to make love with you. I suppose you must have had so many frustrated nights dreaming of doing something like this…’ Breaking eye contact, Kelly lowered her head a little and took a stiff nipple into her mouth, Cassie gasping at the intimate contact.

‘Oh Jesus, that is good! Just like that babe…’ Now it was Cassie’s turn to smile at Sharon, enjoying the wanton thrill of talking to the newcomer as she was pleasured.

‘She has such a talented tongue, I can’t begin to tell you how good that feels! Oh yes, suck the other one too, you know how much I like that…’

When Kelly knelt at Cassie’s feet and began to kiss the soft skin of her stomach, hands resting on her friend’s full hips, it was obvious to all of them that they had passed the point of no return, that the intimacies would continue until they were all satisfied, and that Sharon would finally know the heaven of making love with a woman. She was still a little unsure, suddenly feeling a little overdressed yet not ready to leave her role as spectator, though the insistent heat in her shorts was becoming impossible to ignore. Her new friends had no uncertainties however, Cassie purring with anticipation as Kelly began to pull her bikini briefs down her curvy thighs, neatly trimmed pubic hair catching Sharon’s eye, though the sight of the slim pink lips beneath suddenly doubled her heart rate. Once Cassie was naked Kelly quickly shed her clothes too, flinging them away with a happy abandon that Sharon envied, though the sight of Kelly’s petite yet curvy body did nothing to cool her rising arousal.

‘Are you going to eat my pussy, right here in front of Sharon?’ Cassie giggled, though it was obvious that she was enjoying the exhibitionist thrill.

‘I think she should see what she has been missing out on,’ smiled Kelly as she used her hands to encourage Cassie to move her feet a little further apart, giving her room to slide a hand between her legs and stroke the most intimate part of her, making her gasp again.

‘My word Cassie, you are so wet!’ she whispered as her fingertips slid along the lips of her pussy, gently parting the soft flesh and instinctively seeking out the most sensitive parts.

‘Oh my God honey, you turn me on so much …. but that mouth needs to stop talking and do what it’s best at!’ Kelly giggled as she complied, and Sharon had a perfect view as her wet pink tongue began to work, initially licking along the wet lips before seeking out the most intimate spot of all, caressing a very sensitive clitoris with countless expert touches. Cassie responded with a heartfelt groan, the pleasure that was overtaking her transporting her to somewhere new, making desire her only motivation, the need to experience pleasure eclipsing everything else.

Sharon knew that she must be almost as wet as Cassie, her body responding to the dream come true that was unfolding in front of her, and she suddenly realized that she was touching herself, one hand squeezing a breast as she other moved to the top of her thighs. Cassie noticed that her inhibitions were receding, and she knew what the blonde had to do to move a step closer to joining them, though it would be a thrill for her too.

‘Undress for me, Sharon.’ For the briefest moment Sharon’s inhibitions made her pause, but she knew she had to comply. She had to commit to the new life she had found, to dive in and abandon herself to the sensuality of the moment, or return to her old life, and there was no way she could face doing that. She quickly pulled her T shirt up and over her head, aware of Cassie’s eyes on her simple black bra as she unbuttoned her shorts. A moment later she was slipping them down her slim legs, glad that she had decided to wear matching bra and panties, and finding herself enjoying the appreciative look in Cassie’s eyes.

‘Very nice,’ sighed Cassie, and it was obvious from the tone of her voice that Kelly’s attentions were having a most agreeable effect on her! Her words made Kelly pause in her labours, keen to see what had inspired her comment, and when she turned to look at Sharon the blonde noticed how her lips were glistening with a new moisture.

‘Yes, lovely!’ she grinned, ‘I could tell you had a nice body, but …. don’t stop Sharon, you can’t stop now!’ Sharon had always considered herself shy, but as she reached behind herself to unclip her bra she found herself smiling, happy to reveal her pert boobs, the pink nipples already a little stiff. The looks of undisguised lust from her new friends gave her confidence to take her panties off too, gratified to see two pairs of eyes drawn to her crotch. She even found herself parting her thighs a little, the knowledge that she was desired giving her the bravery to consider teasing her companions a little.

‘They do say the quiet ones are the worst,’ commented Kelly, almost to herself.

‘You get distracted too easily,’ giggled Cassie, putting a hand in Kelly’s hair and urging her face back onto her pussy. ‘You need to finish what you started! Oh God, yes, just like that…’ There was no need for further words now, the gentle breeze in the foliage and the surf breaking on the beach the only sound as Kelly began to drive Cassie to orgasm. Sharon felt something change then, some unheard voice inside her telling her that it was okay to let go, to abandon herself to this incredible experience, and when Cassie spoke again it was the trigger she needed to take the last step.

‘Show me…’ Sharon knew that Cassie must be close to coming now, the tremor in her voice, her deep gasping breaths and the stiffness of her brown nipples all evidence of her arousal, and she suddenly knew what would help send her over the edge. All modesty abandoned now, she parted her slim legs and exposed her almost hairless pussy to her, the look of pure lust that she was rewarded with blowing away any last vestiges of doubt. She no longer considered herself a spectator, wanting a taste of the pleasure that Cassie was enjoying, and she carefully watched the brunette’s face as she slowly slid a hand between her legs.

For a few moments she simply stroked herself, the sensations so much more intense than she had expected, her audience amplifying her pleasure. Her touches only increased her need however, and when a finger began to go a little deeper to explore her wetness she gasped with shocked surprise, amazed at how wonderful it felt.

‘Oh Jesus, that is so hot! That’s it, I’m coming!’ Cassie had a hand in Kelly’s hair now, pushing her sex against her friend’s face, eager to move her needful clitoris against the eager tongue that was dancing over it, but her eyes were locked onto the sight of the slim finger that was now slowly sliding in and out of Sharon’s pretty pink pussy. Sharon’s heart was racing, a small part of her unable to believe that she was pleasuring herself so openly in front of a woman that she had only met a few minutes ago, but that small doubt was totally eclipsed by her pleasure, and the knowledge that the bliss that her finger was inspiring was surely only an overture to something much more incredible, something that only another woman could give her.

When Cassie’s moment of heaven had passed she sank to her knees on the sand, momentarily unable to support her own weight, her full bosom rising and falling as she gasped in huge lungfuls of air, and Kelly took the chance to turn and see just what had inspired her friend to such a memorable orgasm. There was a brief expression of shock on her face, but it was soon replaced by a smile as she saw that Sharon had decided to embrace their unconventional island life.

‘Wow!’ she giggled, ‘you really are a dark horse! You look incredible like that, so beautiful…’ A moment later she had joined Sharon on the blanket, kneeling by her side and leaning down to kiss the blonde with a gentle touch that promised so much. Sharon could taste a hint of Cassie’s juice on her lips, a shiver of excitement passing through her as she knew she would soon taste a woman for the first time. A movement by her side made her break the kiss, and when she turned Cassie’s smiling face was looking down at her too. She didn’t speak, simply echoing her friend’s actions by leaning closer for a kiss of her own, another soft contact, though Sharon sensed a tongue tip politely hesitating. When she bravely met it with her own a new world seemed to greet her, her body immediately responding as she lost herself in a new pleasure, her tongue caressing Cassie’s. Suddenly she was aware of a mouth on her breast, Kelly gently pleasuring a pink nipple, and she gasped into Cassie’s mouth.

‘You like that, honey?’ Cassie asked, but the question didn’t need an answer, and a moment later she had moved down Sharon’s body, taking a nipple into her mouth too. Sharon lay back on the blanket, unable to believe what was happening to her, though she simply had to watch as two beautiful young women pleasured her with their mouths. When her nipples were released and the two soft mouths began to trace a leisurely path over her ribcage and onto her tummy she knew what she was about to experience and she found her legs parting in anticipation as she groaned, her body controlled by something much more primal than her mind now.

The girls were in no hurry, teasing her with countless kisses and tiny licks around her hips, moving onto her legs and finding some very sensitive spots along her inner thighs. Sharon knew that she was sopping wet now, her body unable to hide its need for a far more intimate kiss, but she had stopped caring some time ago.

It was Cassie who broke the tension first, her mouth moving from the sensitive skin around Sharon’s sex to the slim pink lips, planting gentle kisses that both frustrated and gave pleasure, Sharon needing more now. Just as the blonde was about to beg, Cassie took pity on her and licked her pussy with a long wet stroke that made Sharon cry out loud, the sound carrying to the water’s edge and into the vegetation behind them.

‘I think she likes that, Cassie,’ whispered Kelly, enjoying a close up view as Cassie licked again, her tongue delving a little deeper now and sending Sharon to heaven.

‘Don’t stop!’ she gasped, and Cassie obliged, beginning to pleasure her with a series of long licks, each one spending a little more time than the last one on the sensitive skin that surrounded Sharon’s clitoris, the blonde already beginning to ride the wave of an orgasm that she would remember forever, an intense yet seemingly endless flood of pleasure throughout her body that was sustained by the skilled touches of a soft wet tongue.

Even in the haze of her happiness, Sharon became dimly aware that Kelly had taken Cassie’s place, licking and kissing with a devotion to giving pleasure that blew the blonde’s mind, only for Cassie to return, taking a turn in sustaining an ecstasy that was without comparison. The two girls brought her to orgasm together, sharing the thrill of giving Sharon her first lesbian experience, their devoted touches making sure that it would be a first time that was perfect in every way.

The breathtaking scene was complete, the sound of the waves lapping against the white sand complemented by the sighs of pleasure, the perfect vision of Caribbean paradise given a sensual beauty by three beautiful women making love to each other. When Kelly moved over Sharon and offered her sex to the pretty blonde’s mouth she didn’t hesitate, eager to give back some of the incredible sensations that she had just experienced for the first time. She sighed quietly as she let her tongue explore the tender flesh, licking, kissing, tasting…

Sharon knew that she had found her heaven.

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