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If you’ve read some, or all, of my stories and you’re interested in finding out a little more about how they were created you’ve come to the right place! I’ve put them in order of publication, with the oldest at the bottom.


Our Lesbian Boss

The first thing to mention is the cover – I have always enjoyed putting my own covers together but I decided to get a professional in – what do you think? It does look good, but I still like mine… I thought I’d try to combine my two most popular topics – Girls and offices! I do feel it ends suddenly, and there’s certainly room for a sequel. If you liked it, let me know and I’ll oblige!

Seducing Emma

Seducing Emma

‘I want to ….. but I’m scared…’
A beautiful and innocent blonde wishing that someone would help her lose her virginity…
A voluptuous bisexual brunette, out for some fun…
A handsome young man with time to kill…
Chance brings them together, and when the brunette devises an unusual plot to get exactly what she wants – everyone is satisfied!
However, things are not always what they seem…
Discover what happens when innocence and desire collide…

group of smiling women photographing on beach

Lesbian Holiday

You’ve probably already worked out that I love the theme of straight girls trying lesbian sex for the first time, and this story adds a little sunshine to the mix! We’ve all let our hair down on holiday, but it’s not often things get this hot….


Hot young girl making love with her colleague in the office


Male Order

Back onto the theme of sex in the office, but this one has a few twists and turns and a little bit of romance too! Still VERY rude however…. I’ve always liked to explore the line we cross when we become lovers, and where better to cross the line than a busy workplace?


Three's Company photo FINAL

Three’s Company

This one is something I’m really proud of – I always strive to give my stories a little something extra and this one has a lovely little twist to it. I initially decided to just write something really hot and explicit but at well as ticking those boxes the story evolved into something much more…. Check it out!

Lesbian Heaven

Group of Attractive Girls in Sexy Bikinis Having Fun on Tropical Beach

The title says it all! I loved writing this, although its epic size made it a long job. So many beautiful girls….. what’s not to like?

The Three of Us

TTOU TCS cover

Some stories are just too hot for a single chapter! I wanted to write about a true love triangle, where all three characters are in love with each other, and the complexity of their emotional and sexual relationships meant that this became a full length novel.

Outdoor Loving -Becky’s Wild Threesome

Girl is enjoying the summer time

Another short story inspired by a fan! A young lady I met online told me that she had always fantasized about having two men at once, and I was happy to oblige! I took extra care to make sure that Becky remained in charge throughout the story, as I really don’t like tales where ANY of the participants are bullied or coerced into doing something. The result is a story of a lovely young woman who gives two male friends a day to remember.

My First Time – A Lesbian Nurse’s Story

Ultimate cover

I love hearing from the people that read my stories – I want tot make them as good as possible so it’s really useful to know what people like! A lady that subscribes to my monthly email newsletter told me she’d love to read about a nurse and her cute patient, and this story was the result!

Naked Office – A Sex in the Office Story


The original ‘Sex in the Office’ continues to sell well (I think there’s a lot of frustrated office workers out there) so I thought I’d add to the saga…. Eve is back, as horny as ever, and as always there are lots of clerical workers for her to have some fun with! It seemed a good idea to make her a sexual therapist, so she has a reason to give people some special help…

Road Trip – A Lesbian Romance


I seem to keep returning to the themes in this story – first times, and the decisions we make that change the rest of our lives. It got a great review on Amazon a few days after its release, and it’s good to know it’s being enjoyed by readers!

A Bride and her Bridesmaids


I wanted to write something really rude, and I think I managed it! The idea of a bride having one last fling before her big day isn’t a new one, but throwing in two sexy bridesmaids turned up the temperature quite a bit…

Friends and Lovers – A Lesbian Romance

couple of women in love kissing

As my last lesbian romance tale was so popular I decided to write another and found it great fun to write! I tried to recreate the blend of love and lust in the story and I think it worked well. Bringing in a third character kept it unpredictable too. I’ve written a lot of lesbian stories over the years but I’m already looking forward to trying another one with this theme.

Male Stripper – An Erotic Adventure


This longer story was partly inspired by the fantastic cover picture that I discovered one day. I began to wonder what it would be like to suddenly leave an everyday and mundane job to become a male stripper and find yourself surrounded by adoring women. I added a sexy female lead character to spice things up a little and the rest just … flowed! It seemed a short step from stripping to getting a little more ‘hands on’ with the audience and by the end things were getting very rude indeed!


Memories of Summer – A Lesbian Romance

The title says it all really – I wrote this story after a friend suggested a storyline where two women rekindle a childhood friendship following the end of their marriages. I tried to make their relationship the main driver of the story rather than the sex scenes, so it is a little different to my other stories. I hope that spending more time developing the characters of the two women, giving some insights into their history and exploring their evolving relationship make the love scenes in the story all the more powerful!

Male Escort – A Treat for a Friend

Two girl friends with with laptop isolated on white

Now I have quite a volume of stories on sale, I’ve decided to make to occasional one free as a thank you to the people who have been good enough to pay their hard earned money for one of my books, so this one is available at no cost! I really like it – it’s quite a fun read and I think it’s really hot too! I wondered what it would be like for a woman to use a male escort for the first time, and the idea of two girls sharing the experience certainly added a certain something!  It got some fantastic reviews on Smashwords within a few hours of release, and as always it’s good to know that other people like the story.

Amy’s Story

Portrait of young coupleI always planned for ‘Amy’s Story’ to be a full length novel, but decided to initially publish it in four parts – I think her evolution from timid girl next door to carefree libertine works better when the story has been broken into chunks. It has now been compiled into one full length novel, however….

Trying to make Amy’s journey believable and well paced over what will be my longest story was an interesting challenge and I feel it’s worked well. Now it’s been published I can wait for your verdict!

Three beautiful young women

Friends Become Lovers – A Lesbian Threesome

A return to one of my favourite topics – straight girls trying lesbian sex. This one came together quite quickly and after making some of my straight stories free I decided to put it online as a free story in the hope it would attract some interest in some of my other titles.

Girl Band – A Lesbian AdventureWomen worker team

After writing ‘Sex in the Office’ and Sex in the Sun’ I’ve always wanted to write a full length lesbian novel but thinking of a good storyline proved to be very difficult. How to bring lots of sexy girls together, get them into some hot situations and keep it interesting? Once I had the idea of a lesbian girl band getting together the rest seemed to come together quite well, though writing a long story and keeping the plot moving was a challenge! Now it’s completed I honestly think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written.

My Wife, her Best Friend and Me


This was an interesting one to write. I tried to combine a bit of slow and sensual anticipation with some ‘Sex in the Office’ style explicitness. As it was a bit longer than the other stories I could develop a little bit of a plot, and the hope was that the sex scenes were all the hotter for it! This one, and ‘Getting wet at the Pool’, were stepping stones to my next venture – ‘proper’ full length novels!

Getting wet at the Pool

Lesbian couple kissing in bikini on white isolated background

In more recent times I’ve tried to start writing longer stories – people tell me they prefer a longer read, and it give me a chance to put some more drama into them! This was my first ‘medium length’ or long short story, if that makes sense. I was very happy with it, feeling it was possibly my hottest lesbian story yet, but I haven’t seen any reviews or had any feedback from people who’ve read it. I’d love to know what you guys think…

The Lesbian Orgy Series

I wasn’t too sure where to go next after writing five stories of lesbian seduction, until the idea of orgies came along! It is a little more difficult to think of a convincing reason why five women, straight or gay, might suddenly decide to indulge in group sex, but I’d like to think I managed to make them reasonably believable!

Sex on a Train

Sexy woman pink panties with bow front view on gray background

Having written lots of lesbian short stories, I decided to write a straight story too. I planned to write a series of five, but never got around to the other four… This one was an attempt at the classic male fantasy of being with two sexy women at once. I do like the surprise twist at the end!

Sex in the Sun

Oiled belly of a young and beautiful woman

I just loved Eve too much to say goodbye to her at the end of ‘Sex in the Office’. Mary was originally going to be an innocent companion for her to make an interesting contrast of characters. I was planning for her to slowly be seduced by Eve’s liberated sexuality over the course of the novel, but she ended up having an orgy on the beach with some sexy strangers by the end of the first chapter!! Maybe next time…. It was a difficult decision to leave Eve behind and I’d love to bring her back some time, if the demand is there…

The Lesbian Seduction Series

‘The New Girl at Work’ was my first ever publication – I wanted to try something different to ‘Sex in the Office’ and I discovered an interesting theme that I can’t resist returning to again and again – straight girls finding themselves tempted into trying sex with a girl for the first time! I’m particularly proud of ‘A Snowy Night’ – I wanted to try writing a story about two straight girls that, through a series of misunderstandings, end up making love!

Sex In The Office

The sexual secretary

My first ever story! I wrote this purely for fun – like many people I’ve always wanted to write a novel so one night I thought I’d give it a try. I didn’t realize it would be so rude!! It may not be the most sophisticated read in the world, but I like to think I succeeded in achieving what I set out to do – create a sexy, light-hearted and fun read.

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