Free Story – Surrender to Lust – (chapter one)

‘Do you mind sharing him?’

Amy paused before answering, not because there was any doubt in her mind but rather  because part of her couldn’t believe what was happening, or understand the changes in her life and outlook that had led her to where she was at that moment.

A few weeks ago she had been a respectable young woman, leading a routine and uneventful life. She had shared a home with a man she had every intention of marrying and having children with and she had been quite confident that her life would follow a predictable path into suburban anonymity. So why was she here, two hundred miles away from her old life with a new man she hardly knew? Why had she asked him to meet her at a quiet spot on a country road with the full intention of fucking him there? A few moments ago she had shamelessly sucked his cock as a pickup had roared past, the two men inside gaping at the sight of her kneeling in front of her man, his shaft deep in her mouth. They had kept driving and the lane had been deserted for a few minutes but the thrill of her exhibitionism had burned and grown inside her, driving her desire on and amplifying her pleasure beyond measure. When she had heard another vehicle in the distance she had groaned around the swollen prick in her mouth, the anticipation of being seen again overwhelmingly exciting. A young dark haired woman had driven past them in a silver hatchback and Amy had met her eye as the woman’s face registered her shock at what she saw. When the woman stopped and reversed to pull up alongside them Amy could feel her face glowing, skin flushed with a strange mixture of shame, lust and pride. She wondered what on earth was happening to her as she let the cock slide from her mouth, holding the shaft in one hand as she turned to look at the young woman.

The motorist had stopped out of concern for Amy, but when she realized the blonde was a happy participant her motivation seemed to change, her eyes glued to the swollen shaft that Amy was still holding. She watched for a moment, her eyes wandering from the handsome and muscular mechanic’s toned body to the cute little blonde kneeling before him. Amy’s pretty face, delicate features and long blonde hair made her seem quite the innocent, but as the motorist looked her in the eye she kissed the shaft of the cock she was holding, the thrill of the contact made infinitely more exciting by the look in the stranger’s dark eyes. Incredibly, the stranger quickly parked her car and was standing by her a moment later.

Amy didn’t mind sharing at all, but even her new adventurous self was a little surprised to see the young woman kneel alongside her. A quick look up at her boyfriend’s face confirmed that he was more than happy with the arrangement, and a moment later two mouths were on him, kissing, licking and caressing his throbbing cock.

There was a quiet but insistent voice in Amy’s head that would not be stilled, an incredulous voice that shouted ‘what are you doing!’ The more her conscience tried to moderate her behavior the more she was tempted to push the boundaries even further. Her adventurous boyfriend had helped lead her to this moment, this explicit liaison, but the pretty dark haired girl that had joined them was helping to make this encounter even more pornographic and what she did next led Amy to do something even more adventurous, wild and out of character.

The newcomer abruptly stood, undid her jeans and pulled them off. She put them on her car’s bonnet before tugging her panties off with an unapologetic urgency. Turning her back on the stiff cock they had been pleasuring, she parted her legs a little and leant forward, supporting herself by putting her hands on her car. Her peachy bottom and the pink pussy lips below it were suddenly just inches away from Amy’s face.

Before her boyfriend could react, and despite new entreaties from the voice in her head, Amy found herself reaching up to touch the stranger’s pussy, her fingertips gently caressing and parting the soft flesh. Without knowing why, she sank a slim finger into the moist recess, feeling the warmth and wetness of another woman’s sex for the first time, the wave of pleasure she felt at this new intimacy surprising her.

A moment later her boyfriend moved her hand away and she was treated to a close up view of his impressive shaft, hard as rock, slowly sinking deeply into the stranger’s juicy flesh before he began to fuck her with a steady rhythm that made the dark haired girl gasp. Amy found a new use for her wet forefinger, quickly finding the girl’s swollen clitoris and rubbing there, gratified to feel it stiffen and hear a heartfelt groan as the girl began to come.

What on earth is happening to me, she wondered again as she felt the girl’s juices dampen her fingers. Amy kept up her gentle massage as she watched the brunette come. The stranger was panting with every breath, the thrill of feeling a stranger’s cock inside her while his girlfriend pleasured her clitoris enough to bring her to ecstasy.


A few weeks earlier


‘Welcome, welcome! How nice to see you again! I’m so glad you’ve decided to join our happy family! Come on in, let me take your coat!’ Amy smiled in response to Antonio’s warm and friendly greeting. Though she was only twenty-five, she had already worked in countless restaurant kitchens and this welcome was most unusual. In the past she had been met with varying degrees of apathy, sarcasm and rudeness. On one occasion she had been completely ignored, made her own way to the kitchen and simply started work, the staff there giving her tasks without once acknowledging her arrival. Needless to say, she had not stayed there long and had often fantasized about working at a restaurant where she was valued and appreciated, and allowed to rekindle her passion for creating great food. It seemed she had found her dream job at last, even if it had taken a sad series of events to get her there.

‘Come and take a seat,’ fussed Antonio as he shut the door, gesturing into the empty restaurant. It was still early in the morning and there was some time before they opened for lunch, but Amy was keen to make a start and Antonio had been more than happy to get there early to meet her. He had worked there since childhood, helping his parents build up their new venture, and forty years later he was now the owner and manager.

‘Let me fix you a coffee,’ he insisted as Amy sat at one of the tables, smiling up at her new boss. He was the stereotypical embodiment of an Italian restaurateur, his dark hair, heavy accent and portly figure combining with a smile that quickly came to his animated face and twinkled in his eyes. He seemed a million miles from most of her previous bosses – Antonio had more charm and warmth than all of them combined. Part of her wondered whether he had a darker side that she had yet to see, but for now she couldn’t be happier with her new employer.

‘There, you have a cup of the finest coffee in town,’ he continued with a flourish as he placed a perfectly white cup and saucer in front of her before sitting on the chair opposite her. ‘How are you today?’ he asked as he met her eye, smiling at her with a warm paternal gaze. She was a little taken aback at his genuine interest in her, but she quickly responded.

‘I’m feeling fine, thank you. I’m a little nervous of course, but you’ve made me really welcome. I love cooking Italian food and I’ve got lots of ideas for the future. I’ve got a really good feeling about this job!’

‘You mustn’t be nervous, Amy. You’re joining a family, not starting a job, and I’m sure you’ll be the chef we need to keep this the best Italian restaurant in the city!’ he responded with another smile and a slight bow of his head. ‘My family have been telling me for many years that I need to get some help in the kitchen, but my foolish pride has stopped me listening to them. My wife would like me to retire and spend more time at home with her but…’ He paused for dramatic effect, lowering his voice to a whisper. ‘I think I prefer to be here!’ She laughed at his little joke, quickly growing fond of the old man, and decided that this job was going to suit her perfectly.

‘I’m sure that’s not true!’ she laughed.

‘No, my wife is an angel, but I’ve been here since I was a child and it will be hard to step back. I think that we will be able to share the kitchen and create together wonderfully, but in a little while when you are used to us I can perhaps take a day or two off. Gradually I shall step into the background, but I shall still call in from time to time. When you first came to meet me and you created some dishes for me I knew I had found my successor. Even when I am too weak to lift a saucepan I shall be returning to sit here and sample some more of your wonderful cooking!’


The rest of the morning was filled with Amy making sure she knew where everything was in the kitchen, and getting to know how her new boss liked things done. She had her own ideas about the future of the menu and the restaurant itself but she was wise enough to realize that she had to earn Antonio’s trust with his family heirloom before she could begin to make suggestions about change. Half an hour before the restaurant opened they were joined by the waitress that would work the relatively quiet midweek lunch shift with them.

‘Gabriella! Come and meet our new chef! The help in the kitchen you and your mother have nagged me about all these years! Amy, this is my granddaughter Gabriella, the apple of my eye! She is my daughter’s daughter, and between the two of them and my wonderful wife they ensure I don’t get a moment’s peace!’

‘Oh grandpa, you are so cruel to us! We only nag you because we love you so much!’ Gabriella hung her jacket on a hook and turned to smile at Amy. She was lovely, long black hair tied in a ponytail, her face pretty enough to not need make up. Big dark eyes, perfect skin and a full sensual mouth made her truly gorgeous, her shapely figure adding to her allure. Amy guessed that she was about the same age as her, and something about the waitress’s happy demeanor made her sure that they would soon be close friends. ‘I’m so glad you’re here, Amy,’ grinned Gabrielle as she gave her a brief hug, ‘we have been so worried about him. He is full of foolish pride and he thinks that he can go on forever!’

‘You women! The kitchen is ready now, so why don’t you ladies lay the tables and get to know each other? As I am in charge, I shall take my granddaughter’s advice and rest with the newspaper and a coffee for half an hour.’

Amy followed Gabriella out of the kitchen and the two young women began tidying the restaurant, ensuring that the tables were set and everything was exactly as it should be.

‘I am honestly so happy that you’ve joined us, Amy,’ began the young waitress, ‘and I’m sure my mum is too. This restaurant is my grandfather’s baby and he can’t leave it alone! He is getting too old to work the long hours he works now, and as long as you can gain his trust he’ll keep to his word and slowly let you take charge.’

‘I’m sure we’ll get on fine Gabriella – he seems really sweet! I really feel I’ve fallen on my feet here and to be honest I’m so glad to have a good job in a new city so I can get on with a new chapter in my life.’ Gabriella paused for a moment, eyeing Amy with a new interest.

‘It sounds like you’ve got a story to tell,’ she smiled. ‘A mysterious stranger with a secret past – how intriguing! Call me Gabby, by the way – everyone else does, apart from grandfather.’ There was a moment’s silence as Amy considered her response and Gabby was quick to forestall any awkwardness. ‘Hey, your business is your business – please don’t think I’m prying or being nosy! Like I said, I’m just glad you’re here!’

‘Oh no, I’ve got no dark secrets,’ responded Amy, ‘just the same old story of a man letting me down. I just got to the point where it was easier to roll on out of town and leave everything behind. The problem with living in a small town is that everyone knows your business and if your fiancé is the town’s favourite son you end up being the guilty party, whatever the truth is.’ Gabby smiled sympathetically.

‘I think you’ve done the right thing in getting away, and you’ve landed in the best place you could possibly come to! Grandfather will soon be adopting you and you’ll be part of our family here. I know that makes you my aunt, but as we’re about the same age I think we should be sisters instead! If you ever need someone to talk to I’ll be here.’ She met Amy’s eyes with her own and briefly rested a hand on her arm as she spoke, and Amy knew then that she had found a friend. ‘Don’t forget, this city is full of handsome young men so when you’re feeling up to it I’m sure I can help you in that department too! You should meet my boyfriend Pietro – he has a lot of very attractive friends!’ They laughed together, understanding each other, kindred spirits.

‘That’s very kind, but I was thinking that a bit of time on my own might do me some good.’

‘Perhaps, but don’t let a bad experience put you off enjoying life! You’re much too young and pretty to give up on having a love life and having some fun too! If you spend any time moping over an old flame that didn’t deserve you I will beat some sense into you with one of these!’ Both girls giggled as Gabby brandished a wooden spoon in a menacing manner, swishing it from side to side in front of her.

‘Okay, okay, I promise I’ll try to enjoy life, have some fun and date some hot guys!’ laughed Amy, holding up her hands in mock surrender. She had no idea how prophetic her words were.


Soon the restaurant was open and for the next few hours there was no time to talk. Amy busied herself in food preparation as Gabby efficiently shuttled from restaurant to kitchen and back again, greeting diners, serving drinks, taking orders and relaying them to the kitchen. Antonio initially helped Amy with the steady flow of orders, the two chefs quickly becoming a team. Once it became clear to Antonio that Amy was more than able to cope with juggling all the orders and still getting dishes prepared promptly to a high standard he began to spend more time supporting Gabby, delivering food, ensuring that the diners were happy and generally helping to maintain the friendly atmosphere that the restaurant was rightly famous for. Amy was very pleased to have gained his trust so quickly, reveling in the freedom she had and enjoying the responsibility of being the head chef.

When the lunchtime diners had all departed Antonio returned to the kitchen, his smile as wide as ever.

‘You have made my customers very happy today, Amy. When my customers are happy, I am happy! Tonight we shall be busier and I will help you in the kitchen but in the fullness of time you may need to help me find another chef, someone to take some of the work from you so we can make things even better here!’

‘Thank you!’ Amy grinned in response, pleased to be praised so wholeheartedly, and her grin widened as Gabby, bringing in some dirty plates, winked at her behind her grandfather’s back.

‘As my family is so keen for me to rest, I shall go home and leave everything in your capable hands. Until tonight, ladies!’ The girls were more than happy to be left to tidy up, Gabby loading the dishwasher and Amy ensuring that the kitchen was spotless in preparation for the evening’s service. Soon the kitchen was exactly as Amy wanted it, but she was too excited to go home. Her mind was racing ahead with plans to turn a homely little family restaurant into something that would attract praise and awards, becoming a dining experience that people would travel many miles to enjoy. Gabby seemed to have gone home and although Antonio had already given her a full set of keys to open and close the business with she decided to stay and think about updating the menu, reasoning that the more time she spent planning new and improved dishes the more impressed that Antonio would be when she felt the time was right to start making changes. She hung up her chef’s white jacket and, grabbing a menu, sat at a small table in a quiet corner of the restaurant. She began to note some ideas on a pad, her mind far away in a world of culinary possibilities.


At least half an hour had passed when she heard a sound in the kitchen. It sounded like a door closing and she suddenly worried that a burglar had broken in. She knew that the external door in the kitchen could only be opened from the outside with a key and she held her breath, listening for a sound. After a few more moments she silently stood, planning to peek through the tiny window in the door before ringing the police, in case the intruder was nothing more than a hungry mouse, or a figment of her imagination.

When she risked a glance through the tiny piece of glass her heart skipped a beat. A powerfully built man was standing by the door. She was frozen with fear for a moment, but the mystery intruder was similarly motionless. He certainly didn’t seem intent on robbery, but Amy’s fear turned to shock when he peeled his T shirt off, revealing an impressively muscled torso. What on earth was happening, she wondered.

When Amy realized that the man was not alone she felt a wave of panic, but it was closely followed by relief as she recognized Gabby. When the young waitress put a hand on the stranger’s chest and looked up at him with a slow seductive smile the mystery was suddenly solved.

As Gabby’s hand slowly slid down her man’s toned stomach Amy relaxed. It was obvious that the young couple were in the habit of sneaking back into the restaurant to get a little privacy! It seemed that Gabby had assumed Amy had left as she let her hand slide onto the growing bulge in her boyfriend’s trousers. They were too wrapped up in what they were doing to notice Amy and though she knew she should leave them to it she felt unable to tear her eyes from the scene.

Still smiling up at Pietro, Gabby slowly knelt in front of him, her hands busy on his belt buckle. Within moments she had unzipped him and tugged his trousers down his thighs. She began to kiss the bulge in his briefs, her lips teasing with a soft slow contact, before finally taking pity on him and pulling the straining material down his legs. His cock sprang to attention and Amy felt a throb of desire in her own crotch. His dick was as impressively proportioned as the rest of his body, thick and long. Gabby put a hand on it and her slim little fingers only served to make it seem even larger. Amy had been single for a while and a part of her wished that it was her enjoying the primal pleasure of caressing a handsome young man’s cock, enjoying giving him pleasure and anticipating the pleasure she would receive in return.

Amy looked on entranced as Gabby leant in close and placed a soft kiss on the swollen head of his prick. There was a lot of love in that gentle contact but the tongue that followed it was more inspired by lust. Gabby’s full lips parted and a wet tongue licked around the head of his shaft, leaving it glistening. Amy had enjoyed the intimacy of giving head in the past and she knew that she was witnessing a very private moment but the devil inside her wanted to watch, to enjoy the vicarious thrill of seeing another couple making love. Surrendering to her voyeuristic streak, she found she had no scruples about spying on the sexy young couple. In fact, she found herself becoming incredibly aroused, almost as turned on as she would have been if she had been the one tasting that gorgeous cock!

Gabby briefly let her tongue travel the length of Pietro’s shaft, one hand still gently holding him. She even dipped her head for a moment to kiss, suck and lick at his balls but she obviously knew that he wanted her to take him into her mouth. Amy wanted to see that too! Gabby was happy to oblige her man, smiling briefly before encircling the head of his prick with those wonderfully full lips, bathing it in her mouth as she gently sucked. When she slowly moved her head down, gradually accepting his entire length, Amy heard him groan and her pussy began to ache jealously. She looked on enviously as Gabby’s head began to slowly bob back and forth, her lips providing a slippery wet friction on the shaft of his manhood as they travelled up and down it. Amy realized that she was squeezing her thighs together in a vain attempt to satisfy the craving down there, and when Gabby released the now shiny cock and stood up it was all the young blonde chef could do to stop herself gasping at what she was witnessing. She could now see that Gabby was naked from the waist down, having obviously partly undressed as she knew their time together would be short. Amy’s eyes were inevitably drawn to the tidy strip of dark hair between the young girl’s legs as she whispered to her boyfriend.

‘Come on, we haven’t got long…’ She turned her back on her lover and unceremoniously bent forward, resting her forearms on the edge of the sink. Amy was treated to a brief view of Gabby’s rounded bottom and the pink lips of her sex, but her man needed no encouragement, stepping forward with cock in hand. After taking a moment to place the head of his prick at the entrance to her sex, he slid it home with one deep stroke and the lovers both gasped at the sensation.

Amy gasped quietly too, her pussy wishing for the treat that Gabby was enjoying. It had been too long since she’d experienced the satisfaction that could only come from a stiff cock filling her and fucking her, and only now did she realize how frustrated she had been. Without actively deciding to do it, she slipped a hand under the elastic of her chef’s checked trousers, into her panties and onto her sex. Her pussy was sopping wet.

Meanwhile the kitchen was filled with the sounds of sex, Gabby’s boyfriend slapping into her as he fucked her with a steady rhythm, both of them gasping for breath. Amy could see his shaft as it plunged home, drawing back to sink into her hot flesh again, his powerful hands on her hips, holding her still to ensure his prick went as deep as possible each time.

‘Don’t come inside me honey, just tell me…’ Gabby managed between sighs. Amy couldn’t believe how sensitive her clit was – she felt close to orgasm herself, but a moment later Pietro beat her to it.

‘Oh Jesus, I’m coming!’ he gasped, taking a half step back, his cock sliding free. To Amy’s lustful eye it seemed bigger and harder than ever and she so wanted that glistening tool. Gabby turned and knelt quickly, popping the head into her mouth as her hands caressed the shaft.

Pietro groaned as he came and Amy watched Gabby close her eyes as she accepted his seed. Her cheeks hollowed a little, her fingers still caressing, milking every last drop from him. After a few moments she opened her eyes, looking up at him as she swallowed, only releasing his prick when it began to shrink a little.

Amy moved away from the door, worried that she might be noticed now the young couple had satisfied their lust, and she headed for the restaurant’s toilets. Locking herself in a cubicle she quickly pulled her trousers and panties down in one movement, desperation in her need that was new to her. I’ve been single too long, she thought as she put a hand on her pussy, shocked again by her wetness there. Her sex happily accepted three fingers, though they were a poor substitute for the fat cock that she had watched fucking Gabby a few moments earlier. The memory of that swollen member plunging into the waitress kept replaying in her mind as she pleasured herself, leaning against the cubicle wall as her passion grew. How she wanted that cock, or any cock, at that moment!

As she began to come she was dimly aware of the sound her hand made as it fucked her, pussy squelching wetly over her fingers. As she orgasmed part of her marveled at what she was doing on her first day in a new job, but her body had a need that she simply had to satisfy. She let the wall of the cubicle support her as she leant against it, sighing softly as she came, her mind filled with imaginings. If she had walked in on them, what would they have done? Perhaps Gabby would have shared her man. She could have given her the chance to taste that lovely big prick, to feel its heat on her tongue. Maybe she could have had a turn leaning against the sink, feeling it fill her as he fucked her from behind. She imagined the pleasure of it but the secret, wild and adventurous part of her suddenly presented her with an even racier scenario. In her fantasy Gabby was with them, her slim little fingers on Amy’s clit, doubling her pleasure as Pietro roughly fucked her. She pictured herself turning to look at the pretty waitress, the dark haired girl rewarding her with a soft kiss from her wonderful full lips, a kiss that quickly became more intimate, their tongues hesitantly exploring. That imagined moment seared itself into Amy’s mind as pleasure flooded through her body, her hand a blur as her pussy spent wetly over it.


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