Free story – Sex In The Sun (chapter one)

Being on a summer holiday can seem like an escape to another world. Perhaps when you decide to spend a whole summer working in a Greek holiday resort, that world of sun and happiness can quickly turn you into a different person, Mary thought.

It would certainly explain the incredible change in her over the last twenty-four hours. When she arrived, she was a shy and reserved girl that had only had one boyfriend. He was now her ex boyfriend and was long forgotten back in England, while she found herself naked on a deserted beach. Actually, it wasn’t quite deserted. She was on her hands and knees on a giant beach towel while a young man who worked at the hotel she was staying at vigorously fucked her from behind. She groaned as his fat cock slid in and out of her, her pleasure heightened partly by the thrill of having sex in public, and partly because she had an audience of two, sitting on their own towel only a few feet away.

The young Scandinavian couple were also naked and the handsome young man was sporting a very impressive erection. His girlfriend was stroking it as she watched, and Mary could tell she was just as turned on as her partner. Her long blonde hair spilled down over her shoulders, but wasn’t long enough to hide her beautiful full breasts. Mary could see a darker triangle of hair between her legs and when the girl saw her looking she parted her legs a little. Mary saw the dark crease of her pussy and looked up to smile at her, accepting the unspoken invitation. As the young man kept up his fucking, now starting a slow and steady rhythm she found maddeningly sexy, she wondered why she was suddenly turned on by the pretty girl. In her old life she’d never even thought about making love with a woman, but over the last few weeks the idea had slowly become more appealing. She’d never tried it, but she kept looking at that sexy girl….

‘Oh God!’ shouted the young man behind her. ‘Yes, I’m coming!’ Mary slid off him, turning onto her back to watch as the pretty blonde eagerly knelt before him, taking him into her mouth and looking up at him with big blue eyes as he exploded into her mouth. She gently slid her mouth up and down him as his juice pumped into her, and Mary could see the girl’s lips become glossy with the juices Mary’s pussy had left on her lover’s shaft. As the young man collapsed onto the sand, utterly spent, the girl’s boyfriend joined them, kneeling between Mary’s legs.

‘Would you like this?’ he smiled, offering his erection. Mary opened her legs in response, amazed at her wantonness. It felt so good sliding in and Mary stretched out on the towel as he expertly probed her. Her eyes were on his girlfriend however, who kneeled by her side and leant in to ask a question in broken English, her full boobs swaying so sexily as she bent closer.

‘Please, could I sit on your face?’

‘Yes!’ was all Mary could manage. Within moments, the girl was squatting over her. Mary gazed up at the tidy beauty of the girl’s pink outer lips, anticipating the pleasure of kissing her there, letting her tongue explore her, tasting her, giving her pleasure and making her come.

How she had changed so much, from quiet girl next door living an unremarkable life with a sex life to match, to this uninhibited free spirit? Sex was now a way of having fun, enjoying giving and receiving pleasure, wherever the mood took her and with whoever she chose. Her old life seemed like a dream, and it was a past she had no intention of returning to. She decided she didn’t know how she had become the woman she now was, and as she opened her mouth to lick at the folds of flesh above her she decided that she didn’t care.


 – Twenty-four hours earlier –


They embraced by the airport entrance, an island in a river of movement. The young blonde and the pretty redhead attracted countless glances from passers by, but no-one was there long enough to realize they were witnessing more than a quick goodbye hug from two teenage friends.

‘Oh Eve, I’m going to miss you so much! Who’s going to lick my pussy now?’ A passing businessman overheard the redhead and both girls laughed as he turned to stare, walking into a pillar in his shock. ‘I’m sure you’re not going to go without, Tina’, the blonde smiled back at her, ‘and I’m hoping you’ll come and visit in the summer anyway!’

‘Of course I will! The sun doesn’t suit my skin though….’ She held out a pale, lightly freckled arm to make her point.

‘I’ll be there to rub lotion in, honey!’

‘Oooh, lovely!’ Tina briefly kissed her friend, before noticing Eve’s attention had been caught by someone that had walked through the airport doors behind her. She turned her head and saw a pretty dark haired girl looking back at them both, pausing briefly before she went on towards check in.

‘Eve! You’re already checking out new girls, even when I’m kissing you!’ Both girls were laughing though, as they had a unique relationship. They both liked girls as well as boys, but never tied themselves to one partner. If they saw someone they wanted, or a chance for a sexual adventure, they jumped in with both feet and never regretted it. As friends since childhood, it was inevitable that they’d become lovers, sharing every intimacy and giving each other orgasms as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

‘I think I know her from somewhere, that’s all. She was quite cute, though!’

‘Mmm, she had a nice round arse, quite like yours!’ Tina’s hands slipped over Eve’s bottom and they kissed again, mouths opening slightly to allow their tongues to touch once more. For a moment Eve thought Tina would slip her hands under Eve’s short denim skirt for a proper feel, showing everyone in the airport her knickers in the process, but for once the redhead restrained herself.

‘Tina, I’ve got to go or I’ll miss my plane! Thanks for the lift, I’ll text you when I get there!  I love you! Bye!’ With that Eve disappeared, leaving her friend standing alone for a second before she turned to head back to the car park. I’ll miss Eve, Tina reflected, but I know she won’t mind me looking after her boyfriend while she’s away. The girl’s boyfriends were as open minded as them and when they’d told Eve they’d be cheering Tina up tonight by giving her a threesome, Eve had just laughed. Now, however, Tina was hurrying back to her car, keen to get back to her boyfriend’s house. They’d promised to be ready for her when she returned, and she knew they’d be watching sports, or porn, on the TV. She planned to let them sit there while she stripped naked before sucking their dicks in turn, getting them both rock hard. The thought of their cocks stiffening in her mouth was enough to bring a flush to her cheeks. When the time was right, she’d ask one of them to slip behind her – there was nothing better than giving head on all fours, just knowing another cock was about to enter you from behind. Jumping into her car, she smiled as her pussy began to throb warmly in anticipation.


The pretty dark haired girl they had noticed a few minutes ago was now collecting her ticket. The handsome young attendant there was very helpful, but only because the girl was the prettiest he’d seen that day. Her big dark eyes, full lips and sleek black hair had caught his eye immediately. Beneath the loose clothes she’d sensibly worn for the flight there was a curvaceous and sexy body, but Mary wasn’t the sort of girl that would show it off.

‘Now, let’s see….yes Mary, I’ve got your tickets here. I just need a signature, please. Working as a travel rep this summer?’

‘Yes’, replied Mary, signing his form. ‘I’m travelling with a girl I’ll be working with – we should be sitting together. Has she collected her ticket yet? It’s just that we’ve never met and I was hoping to get to know her before we got on the plane.’

‘Well, I shouldn’t really tell you, but….there is another ticket paid for by the same company, but it hasn’t been collected yet.’

‘Oh. I wonder if she’s changed her mind. I’ll go on without her, I think, and have a look round the shops.’

‘There’s still two hours until your flight. There’s time for her yet.’

‘It’s strange – I’ll be spending the whole summer working with her but I don’t even know her name. I don’t suppose….’

‘Sorry, that’s really not something I can give you.’ After a moment’s hesitation, the young man leant forward to whisper. ‘If it helps, I can tell you her first name – Eve.’


Eve had not changed her mind, but it was her first flight alone and she had managed to go to the wrong desk in her search for a ticket. She was so flustered by this that she checked in her luggage and headed straight for customs. Only then, standing in a long queue, did she realize there was still plenty of time. Relaxing now, she noticed the powerfully built black man that was checking the bags at the head of the queue. He was tall, broad and handsome and Eve quickly found herself imagining what those muscular shoulders looked like in the flesh. While she waited, she spent her time speculating about him, especially about how he would be in bed. She decided he’d be dominant, masterful and a little on the rough side and the thought of that was a very big turn on indeed. By the time she’d reached the head of the queue, she’d formulated a little plan.

Mary, who had taken the opportunity to buy some swimwear and beach clothes, was a few places behind her in the queue. Mary remembered the pretty blonde – her winning smile, curvaceous figure, cornflower blue eyes and perfect complexion made her stand out in a crowd – and wondered if she was a lesbian. She was certainly very intimate with that redhead, she thought. She watched curiously as the blonde spoke to the black customs officer, who then led her away. When the disappeared into a side room she forgot all about her and waited in line for her bag to be checked by a middle aged woman that had taken the black man’s place.


‘Now miss, you’ll need to be quick – I need to return to bag checking as soon as possible. There is a security issue you want to tell me about?’ His manner was brisk and Eve knew she didn’t have much time. He’d sat behind a small desk and rather than sit opposite him, Eve pulled up her skirt a little and knelt at his feet, giving him an excellent view of the ample bosom nestling in her blouse.

‘I’m just worried about a man that might have a concealed weapon’, said Eve, looking up at him with big blue eyes, trying to look sexy and innocent at once. ‘I think it needs to be dealt with.’ She had her fingers on a blouse button and idly undid it, letting it gape open so he could see her sexy red bra and the firm boobs it was struggling to contain. His face was a picture as he realized her plans, but he kept his cool.

‘Now, young lady, do you feel comfortable handling a weapon, or would you like me to do it?’

‘I’m sure you’re an expert, but….’ Eve’s hands slid up his thighs and as the fabric of his trousers stretched over his muscular legs she could see a tell-tale bulge. She let her hand slide slowly over his crotch for a moment before her fingers nimbly undid belt, button and zip. She reached into his briefs to claim her prize, freeing his straining tool which sprang upright immediately, looking as broad and muscular as its owner.

‘Wow! That is a weapon!’

‘Jesus honey, yeah’, he responded as her fingers slid round its impressive girth. ‘Have you found the weapon you were looking for?’

‘Oh yes, sugar’, smiled Eve, full lips pouting wetly. ‘As long as it doesn’t go off in my hand! I’d much rather it went off in my mouth….’ With that, she opened her mouth and let her lips encircle the head of his cock, keeping eye contact with him as he groaned in response and pausing for a few seconds before sliding her mouth down the shaft, tongue busy on him as she took him as deeply as she could manage.

‘Fuck yeah! Fantastic, honey!’ As her head began to bob, he slid his fingers through her hair, moving her long blonde locks back so he could see her pretty face as she serviced him. After a few seconds she withdrew, letting his now fully engorged member slip from her mouth.

‘I don’t suppose we’ve got much time?’ she asked, tongue sliding over the head of his cock as she waited for a response. She was hoping to feel that cock in her pussy, as there was now a desire in her that she needed to satisfy, but she was destined to be frustrated.

‘No, my boss will be looking for me soon. God, you’re incredible!’ Eve was a very pretty girl, and he was transfixed by those big blue eyes twinkling back at him as he spoke, and the full lips that briefly caressed the length of his knob before she responded.

‘Then we’d better hurry, babe!’ Eve slid her mouth over the head of his erection and let her fingers caress the shaft. Within seconds the man’s gasps and groans told her he was close. Again she looked up at him, mouth still sucking him, and it was enough to make him come, spunk shooting into Eve’s mouth as his ebony tool pumped away, a deeply satisfying orgasm and a perfect end to an encounter he would remember forever.

After a few seconds, Eve let the wilting member drop from her mouth and as she grinned up at him he saw a glimpse of his own spunk on her tongue before she closed her mouth and swallowed.

‘That was quite a load! You’d better tidy yourself up, handsome.’ Eve rose to her feet, buttoning her blouse and tugging her skirt down a little. The customs officer quickly made himself presentable, common sense taking charge now his lust was satisfied. He didn’t want to lose his job over a blow job, even if it was the best he’d ever had!

They left the room just as a stern looking man in a suit appeared, and Eve smiled to herself as the customs officer shook his head at the newcomer before speaking.

‘Young lady, please don’t waste our time on such trivial matters again! Move onto boarding now, please.’

‘I’m sorry sir’, Eve replied, before leaning closer to whisper. ‘I’ll look out for you on my inbound flight, big boy!’


Mary was already sitting on the plane, still wondering about the identity of her new workmate due to fill the empty seat next to her. When she saw Eve bouncing down the aisle, a sixth sense told her that this would be her companion for the summer and when Eve stopped to push her bag into the overhead locker, she knew.

‘Eve?’ she asked the blonde as she sat down next to her.

‘Oh, hi! You must be….’


‘Of course, I saw your name in all that paperwork. It’s lovely to meet you at last!’ Mary had begun to extend her right hand but Eve ignored it, wrapping both arms round the dark haired girl in a friendly hug. Mary’s arms automatically curled round the curvaceous blonde, hands resting on her back, but she suddenly remembered the redhead and felt a little less comfortable. They were both quite buxom girls, and the sensation of Eve’s soft boobs against hers suddenly felt quite sexual.

Eve released her and the two girls looked at each other properly for the first time. Mary, like everyone, immediately noticed Eve’s striking blue eyes, and she had to admit the girl was very pretty. Full lips, perfect golden skin and beautiful long blonde hair that cascaded to her shoulders all combined to catch the eye of everyone she met.

Eve liked Mary straight away. Her black hair, dark eyes and pale skin contrasted with Eve’s look, but her full lips and curvy figure mirrored the blonde’s.

‘It’s going to be a fantastic summer, Mary! I’m sure we’ll have a great time working together. I’ve never been a holiday rep before though, so I’m a bit nervous about it.’

‘Me too! They’ve said they’ll show us the ropes when we get to the resort but I guess we’ll have to pick it up as we go along.’

‘Yeah, no problem. I know we’ve got to work, but just think – all summer in the sun! It sure beats life at home.’ Mary found herself warming to Eve. Her sunny personality, winning smile and natural good looks made her very likeable and Mary knew they’d be friends. As they chatted, Eve also decided Mary would be a good workmate. She seemed quite reserved, but was genuinely friendly, positive and cheerful. Eve also thought she was really sexy, but knew better than to even think about trying to seduce her, at least for a while!

As the plane headed south, leaving their old lives behind, the girls learned more about each other. Mary had recently split with her boyfriend, and needed to get away. He’d been planning marriage, kids and a life of domestic bliss, but she knew that at twenty one she was too young and needed to experience the world and enjoy herself before settling down. Though she had trepidations about her adventure, her overwhelming feeling was one of escape, and meeting a lively character like Eve confirmed her thought that she was about to enter an new and exciting chapter of her life.

For Eve, this was simply another adventure. She was a true free spirit who sought out new experiences without fear or self doubt. Despite her tender age – she was only eighteen – she had learned to live her life to the full, seeking out new sensations, never looking back and never regretting a thing. She loved sex more than anything, and if she met someone she wanted she was quite open about her feelings. Of course, her pretty face and sexy body made it impossible for any man to resist her, but she enjoyed making love with girls too and she was more than capable of charming most girls she liked into bed!

After a while, the girls fell into a companionable silence, already comfortable with each other as they relaxed, contemplating the adventures the summer would bring. The silence was disturbed by the arrival of the drinks trolley, and Eve bought them both a vodka and lemonade, though Mary would have preferred a soft drink. As the stewardess squatted in the aisle next to Eve, looking for change in a drawer in the trolley, Eve noticed her shapely legs straining against the tight skirt she wore. Glancing at the stewardess’s pretty face, expertly made up just enough to complement her natural beauty, she decided to take a chance. Her encounter with the customs officer had left her with a need that she had been trying to ignore for some time, but it showed no signs of going away. She could still feel that black cock in her mouth. How she wished there had been time to get it into her pussy! She’d certainly been wet enough for a quickie, and thinking about the encounter now was turning her on all over again. She leant into the aisle a little and put her hand on the stewardess’ thigh.

‘Don’t worry about the change sweetheart, if it’s a hassle finding it.’ Eve knew from experience that one of three things would happen next. The girl would either flinch at the unwelcome touch, ignore it completely or look her in the eye and flirt right back at her.

‘That’s kind of you – we’re always short of change.’ The stewardess briefly covered Eve’s hand with her own. ‘If there’s anything else I can do for you, you must let me know.’ Their eyes met and they shared a smile before the stewardess moved on. That’s a green light if I ever saw one, thought Eve. Mary was dozing next to Eve and had missed this brief encounter so when the trolley had reached the end of the aisle Eve headed for the toilet at the back of the plane, walking as slowly as she dared and hoping the stewardess would notice her. When she reached the toilet door she turned and her heart leapt as she saw the pretty young girl following her down the aisle, collecting empty glasses and cans in a small box. Soon she had reached Eve.

‘Could I come past please miss, I just need to put this box in the cupboard behind you.’ Eve smiled, knowing this little speech was for the benefit of the passengers in earshot, though as they were at the back of the plane no-one could see them. Eve stood back a little and the stewardess brushed past her, the fingers of her free hand sliding over Eve’s tummy. The stewardess unlocked the cupboard door. It was bigger than Eve had expected, certainly bigger than the toilet cubicle, but before Eve could speak the stewardess had grabbed her arm and pulled her inside, closing the door. It seemed she wanted to take charge!

‘Hello again, honey! Up for some fun?’

‘You bet!’ replied Eve, hands snaking around the girl to squeeze her bottom.

‘Great! I’ve not got long, so we’ll have to be quick. I’ll have to keep my clothes on – it takes forever to get in and out of this outfit – but I’d like to give you a treat. Is that okay?’

‘Go for it, gorgeous!’ As she had done in the aisle, the stewardess squatted again and without hesitation or ceremony pushed Eve’s skirt up to her waist.

‘Oooh, nice panties’, she laughed, and Eve remembered she was wearing some white cotton knickers that Tina had bought her as a joke, with the message ‘kiss here’ printed on the front. ‘Complete with instructions, I like that!’ Eve gasped as the stewardess pulled them to one side, completely exposing her sex before bringing her head between her legs and planting a series of feather light kisses around her lips. Eve lifted one foot onto a low shelf, exposing her crotch a little more, and the stewardess took full advantage, probing deeply into her pussy with an inquisitive tongue.

‘Wow, you’re so wet! I’ll take that as a compliment….mmm! Eve gasped again as the girl continued her licking, tongue touching everywhere, lips kissing, mouth tasting her. It was the memory of that black cock spunking in her mouth that had got her so wet, but this unexpected liaison was just as sexy, and now she was the one that was going to come! An expertly manicured finger slid into her sopping pussy, and it was enough to send her over the edge, making her push her hips forward to meet the girl’s ever moving tongue, breath coming in short pants as she resisted the urge to scream with delight, the warm joy of her orgasm engulfing her.

Suddenly, the door opened and framed in the doorway was the pilot, complete with peaked cap and epaulettes! He grabbed the stewardess by the arm, lifting her up and whispering in her ear so the passengers couldn’t hear him.

‘Go and clean yourself up and get back to work. This is your last flight – I’ll make sure you’re sacked as soon as we’ve landed.’ The girl turned and fled. The pilot looked at Eve with disgust, and Eve quickly decided to turn the tables on him. He made to leave, but Eve put a hand on his shoulder, and he turned to face her again.

‘Wait a second! I want to complain! That girl tricked me into this cupboard, and then she….’ Eve put her hands over her face and made a quiet sobbing sound, hoping he would be taken in by her pretence. When the pilot closed the door, afraid that Eve might create a scene, she knew she had him.

‘Did you see what she was doing to me?’ she continued, lifting up her skirt and, before he could speak, pulling her panties to one side. ‘She was licking my….’ She didn’t finish the sentence, again trying to act upset. When she risked glancing up into the pilot’s eyes she saw him staring at her pink pussy lips, still glistening with juice, unsure what to say.

‘I’m sorry miss, I….’

‘She put her tongue inside me! Look!’ Eve used one hand to part her lips a little, and the pilot could see she was wet down there. Eve could see a bulge appearing in the pilot’s trousers, so she seized the moment. She sank to her knees and looked up at him, using the same expression that had been so successful with the customs officer. ‘I’m so shocked, I never expected to be …. molested like that by a girl! I’m just not like that! If it had been a man I wouldn’t have been so shocked.’ Just then the plane banked very slightly and Eve shot her hand out, as if to steady herself. She made sure it landed right on the pilot’s crotch, and she was happy to discover a growing hard on under her fingers. He made to move her hand but she grabbed his cock tightly, feeling it stiffen even more.

He was completely confused now. Did she want him, or was she about to complain about his obvious arousal? Eve decided to give him a choice.

‘It would help me get over things if I could…just touch you?’ It was a redundant question as she already had a good grip on him and as she let her fingers slide along the length of his cock through the fabric of his trousers, any possibility of him saying no disappeared. Seizing the moment, Eve quickly unzipped him and helped his erection out into the light.

‘Wow, you are very, very stiff! Let me take care of that for you.’

‘Oh Jesus….’ Eve’s fingers were stroking him again. Now it was time to spring her trap.

‘Close your eyes, honey, let me suck you.’ He eagerly complied, and Eve took him in her mouth, grabbing for the phone in her pocket as she did so. Nimbly hitting a few keys, she held the phone away from her, filming the scene. As she started to slide her lips up and down his cock she moved the phone, to ensure both the pilot’s face and his now fully rigid cock appeared in her secret film. Releasing him from her mouth for a moment, she asked a question, designed to complete her blackmail.

‘Who’s flying the plane?’

‘Don’t worry about that. There are two of us, and an autopilot. Just keep sucking me! I’m going to come in your mouth!’

‘You know, I feel much, much better now. Thanks anyway!’ She stood, opened the door and headed up the aisle, leaving the pilot grabbing at his clothes. Sinking into her seat, Eve grinned at Mary, who was now awake again.

‘Hi! Where did you disappear to?’

‘Oh, just popped to the loo.’

‘I think we’ll be landing soon, Eve. I can feel the plane going down.’ It’s not the only one, smiled Eve to herself.


When the plane had landed and the passengers started filing off for a short walk to the small terminal building, Eve tried to find the pretty stewardess again. When she asked where she had gone, she got the reply she had expected.

‘Sharon’s not feeling too well, so we’ve told her to stay out of the way while everyone disembarks.’

‘I need to speak to her. It’s very important!’

‘Oh, well, I’ll see if she can see you.’ Eve was shown to a small cabin at the front of the plane where Sharon was standing alone.

‘Hello sexy! I need your phone number, please.’

‘Sorry love, didn’t you hear what he said? I’ve got no job now. Why did I do that?’ She began to cry. ‘I really like you, but I just can’t think about anything at the moment.’

‘Listen Sharon, I’m going to help you keep your job! Get your mobile out!’

A few moments later, Eve’s home movie had been copied onto Sharon’s phone and Eve hurried to catch up with Mary, who was waiting for her at the door to the terminal.

‘What happened to you? I thought I’d lost you!’

‘You won’t get rid of me that easily!’ laughed Eve. ‘I just wanted to say goodbye to the stewardess.’ Mary wondered a little at this, but decided to change the subject.

‘Isn’t it hot! I knew it would be warm, but it isn’t even summer yet and I’m sweating in this heat!’

‘Oh, I like it hot!’ replied Eve as they went into the concrete terminal together.


Twenty minutes later, an air conditioned taxi was whisking them to the resort where they would be working. As they admired the sun drenched scenery, Eve’s phone beeped. It was a text from Sharon and Eve quickly scanned the message.

‘Eve – I showed him the video – he has decided to ‘forget about it’! Thanks so much – I’ve still got a job! I’m working this flight all summer – if I get the chance to stay in Greece for a few nights, could I ring you? I’d love to see you and thank you properly. Love Sharon XXX.’ Eve quickly composed a reply.

‘Yes, please ring. I’d like to see you too. Looking forward to licking you! Eve XXX’ Well, that’s another friend I’ve made, smiled Eve to herself as the taxi sped on, taking them both into a summer of sexy adventures.

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