I’m on Google!!

Actually, I’m now appearing in the Google Play Store – in the book section, obviously….

First up, Sex in the Office! If you’d like a free sample it’s there for you to pre-order, or you can just go for it and order a copy of the full-length novel in all its glory! Official release date is 4/4/20, but you’ll not want to wait that long!



SITO cover complete

Hold on …. I’m coming…

Hi folks! Just to let you know that I’ve had to update my website recently after a cyber attack (how exciting)!

All is good now, but I’ve temporarily taken down the page where you can sign up for emails or alerts about new stories. The page will be back up soon, but if you just can’t wait, you can still drop me a line at roryhitch@gmail.com

I wish I was a twin…


… then both of us could take you to bed tonight, share our bodies with you, worship your manhood with our mouths, hands and bodies, let you use us as you see fit and surrender completely to you. When you’d had your fill we’d want your seed, to taste and share that too…

My second virginity

Just be patient a little while, then I’ll let you tear it off me… I want to give you something special later, something you’ve never had before… There is one thing I’ve never had, and I want you to do it to me tonight… Make me yours, completely…