Naughty? Dirty?

Just a random thought – why do we use these words? there’s nothing naughty or dirty about sex, surely? Sure, it’s thrilling, life-affirming, intimate …. but there’s nothing wrong with it, which these words imply. Do we just like being naughty and dirty? Maybe we do…


New vs. Old

I’m currently doing some editing work on my latest story – more on that later – but I’ve been looking through some of my older work and have decided there are a few old classics in there that deserve a bit more love!

I’ve rereleased ‘Male Stripper’ as I think it’s great! There are lots of steamy scenes, of course, but there is a nice little story about changing lives too.

‘Sex in the Sun’ is getting a makeover too – I think of this story as a more lighthearted tale, more focused on the sheer fun of indulging one’s desires.

Which will be more popular over the next few weeks! Which would you prefer? Watch this space……

By the way, the first chapter of each story is available for FREE at!