A taste of a FREE story…..

Below is a brief summary of my next release – it’s going to be FREE….

Amy used to be a good girl, a typical girl next door with a life of suburban anonymity ahead of her. So how did her life change so completely, leaving her exploring her wild side with such abandon? She just can’t stop pushing the boundaries, every encounter wilder than the last…
She can’t believe that she’s naked at the side of a country road, playing the role of stranded but horny motorist so her new boyfriend can live out his fantasy. He’s always dreamt about being a breakdown mechanic that demands a very unconventional payment for his services….
If that wasn’t wild enough, an interruption from a pretty young woman doesn’t bring their encounter to an end. When Amy suggests she join them the newcomer proves to be just as horny and adventurous as they are!
Her incredible journey had started a few weeks earlier, with a new job in a new town. A first day in a new job is always exciting, but it isn’t often that you get to see your new workmate enjoying a passionate lunchtime encounter with her hot boyfriend! Amy decides that it would be wise to stay in her hiding place rather than interrupt them, but watching a sexy couple satisfy their desires only leaves her full of lust and she can’t resist giving herself the pleasure that they have shared. She had been too shy to ask for a threesome, but the thought of it proves to be an inspiring fantasy…

This hot short excerpt is a FREE introduction to the full length novel, Surrender to Lust.

Explicit scenes of sex make this story strictly for adults only!

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