Male Escort – A Treat for a Friend

As an introduction to my stories, why not try one out for FREE? Male Escort – A Treat for a Friend Too much work – it’s time to play….. When Selina visits her old roommate Sarah, she quickly realizes how sexually frustrated her shy friend is. Too much time studying has left her in need of something only a man can supply, and the quickest solution would be to find a man online…. Soon a handsome man who knows just how to make women happy is visiting them, and Sarah’s initial reserve is replaced by a much more primal emotion, the reserved young woman quickly realizing what she’s been missing and more than happy to make up for lost time. Selina only wanted to give her friend a treat, but once she has seen what’s on offer she can’t see the harm in having a taste too and suddenly the girls are sharing a wild threesome that they’ll always remember!

Two girl friends with with laptop isolated on white

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