Tonight’s the night…..

My latest hot short story – ‘Outdoor Loving-Becky’s Wild Threesome’ – is now available to order! Just click on the link – !

‘I’ve always dreamt of having a threesome …. two men…’

I may look sweet and cute, the typical girl next door, and in a lot of ways I am! That doesn’t mean I don’t have fantasies though. Two men at once – that was always my naughty dream….

Like most people, I never thought I’d actually live it out, as I knew I’d never find two men that I could trust to both treat me with respect and give me exactly what I want. However, when I found myself with two handsome guys at a beautiful spot in the countryside, guys that were both crazy about me, guys that loved me and would take good care of me …. When the chance comes along, sometimes a girl just has to treat herself!

You should treat yourself too….

Girl is enjoying the summer time

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